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  1. No mods. I'm pretty sure the suitcase had a book in it, because I still have it in my inventory, no logs, and the suitcase did not disappear. I'm not so sure if there were any logs in the school bag.
  2. Since the last update I've had two school bags disappear from my character's inventory. The first time it happened I noticed it when I loaded my save file after the update and I figured it had something to do with that so I didn't take care to note what the character was doing. I had previously had some issues with another secondary bag, as reported here, and those issues seem to have been fixed, apart from the part of that suitcase item being forever rendered as a tote-bag (now that I'm writing this down it does make me think if there is something corrupted in the save file and I just need to restart). So, after a while I found a new school bag to use as my secondary bag and I thought "all good" and continued with my surviving. But now that one is also gone. I can't recall the exact steps that lead to the bag disappearing, but my character was working on a pretty big log wall wall she had been working on for a while. I think this is a fairly accurate reconstruction of the events leading to the bag disappearing: My character had 1 school bag equipped on her back, 1 school bag in her inventory and 1 suitcase (yes, the above mentioned) in her inventory Attached to her back she had a wood axe and on her belt a pipe-wrench and a hand axe She equipped the wood axe (double handed) and chopped down a bunch of trees When she was done she equipped the second school bag in her secondary hand and the suitcase in her primary hand She filled the bag on her back, the secondary school bag, the suitcase and her main inventory with as many logs as she possibly could She then walked back with a pretty full inventory and built some log walls, she did this a few times until she was exhausted Here is where I'm not entirely sure exactly what happened. I usually use the hot-keys to make the char take a weapon whenever they need to fight, or to auto-unequip other things in their hands. This is what I think I did, that I just pressed 1 to get her wood axe equipped forcing the bags in her secondary and primary bags to get unequipped from her hands and into her inventory. I've had considered the fact that her main inventory was too full, but then the bag should have fallen to the ground, but it wasn't here. I've looked everywhere but the bag is gone. I feel like since I don't remember the exact steps I've performed, that I would want to try and recreate this, or just test around some more, I will see if I can get some more accurate information if this is not enough. Has anybody else had a similar situation?
  3. No, i don't play with mods. I had never seen it before, but yes it was a suitcase item.
  4. Yes! If I was to "wake up" in PZ a rubber band to put up my hair would be one of the first things I would get when getting ready to go out and survive. Would it be too much for hair/long hair/beard etc to be accounted into the body temperature regulation?
  5. Yes, I think this is a good observation and consistent with my observations, like the one above, forgot to mention it.
  6. I'm not sure if this is of any help but I'll share what I've noticed. I seem to be having the issue more often since the last patch, although it did happen before. It seems to almost always happen when I sneak up from behind on a zombie that is knocking on a door/window and get very close to it. I tried today to keep a larger distance and then the zombie didn't do this flip.
  7. I had a similar issue. I found a suitcase and equipped it on Secondary hand. After a while it started doing this same animation, but also changed shape and color into a tote bag. After a while longer it stopped clipping into the body of the character, but the shape continued to be of a tote bag although the object is still named suitcase and has the suitcase stats.
  8. I'm pretty sure that when you equip a lighter in hand it automatically turns it on and uses it, that might be why it "disappears".
  9. Interesting ideas. Washing actually does take quite some time IRL, I've been thinking it is fairly well-balanced, but I still like what you suggest. Well, I kind of agree with this idea. Ofc for example a hat, or a coat, sweater will get cleaner while you wear it while it rains. Boots/shoes, trousers and socks would not. Rain that falls on the ground splatters mud and dirt on your clothes and make them even more dirty. I live in a very rainy city and I hate when you get your shoes and trousers totally ruined by this "effect" of rain These two I totally agree on. Further I've been thinking about clothes condition in general. Not sure if this is too micro-managey but if your char wears the same clothes for months, even without tears and holes, and washes them over and over again, they should lose some condition or something. I haven't explored the tailoring skill too much in-game but maybe there could be some way of caring for clothes to stop the deterioration of them to balance that out? I'd be happy to hear other peoples ideas around this.
  10. I think I generally like this idea, although I agree that there might be a need to balance it out a bit like it has been suggested in the thread. My initial reaction was that, since I myself play with extreme rarity set on all loot items, it would make early game very hard for me. Like in my current run I only found a single pen in the house I spawned in and well, the second house was also almost empty, it wasn't until after a few houses that I had something to go with. In such a situation it would've been very hard for me if the houses around me would've been locked. But then again, I only play with the setting because I find that there are too many items to loot, specially early game and I'm a bit of a hoarder. Making it harder to enter some buildings would actually solve that for me so I don't need to lower the loot rarity setting and maybe even "saving" some of the loot for later game, which, when I think about it, would be pretty nice.
  11. I like the idea @RockHand It was actually something that I tried to do in-game in the beginning, like I was looking for sheets to hang on the windows and I went looking for beds that had sheets for me to remove and use.
  12. 1099 Not sure if this has been suggested earlier, but I've been thinking a lot about the farming/gardening possibilities and variations in the game. I'm into gardening and farming IRL so maybe that is why I think a lot about it. Farming variety and indoor-possibilities It would be nice with a larger variety of vegetables to farm. I'm thinking that there are already onions, corn etc in the game, why not make it possible to farm them? Maybe even planting some fruit trees. Another idea is to introduce green-house farming. Or farming in pots indoors by a window. Tomatoes and cucumbers are among the things I've grown indoors by a sunny window in a cold country IRL. Gardening flowers and other plants Another thing that I thought of was gardening/planting flowers and other plants not for eating but to reduce stress, remove boredom and depression. When I play I usually go and take nice hedges and plants from other lots to make my base look nice. Gardening IRL does help with stress, boredom and depression.
  13. Bird sounds already exist, at least when you are out in the woods or foraging. Rain and thunder is a thing too, but not sure about wind, like only wind. Might be a good addition.
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