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  1. This has happened twice to me now. Unfortunately, both times, I forgot to check the logs to see what the exact error was. I just kept playing. Both characters didn't last long because the journey to find another generator ends up killing them. Note: Only mod I have running is the Achievement mod, as as far as I know, I don't think it would affect this. But who knows. Steps for The Bug: 1.) Pick up a generator 2.) Try to pull out a weapon from your belt(both times for me have been 1, don't know about other slots) 3.) Error pops up 4.) Generator is still equipped, but it can't be found in menu 5.) Continuing to pull out weapon causes multiple errors 6.) Only way I have found to get rid of the generator is to reload game. 7.) When you do this, the generator despawns. I tried searching where my character reloaded, the area with the zombie I tried to draw my weapon, and the original generator spawn, and I couldn't find it anywhere. Last game in Riverside, this happened to the only generator in the city. I died going out to find another one. If it happens again, I will be sure to update the thread.
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