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  1. Just wanted to say great job on the update. I've personally only experienced one crash (I had the game paused and windowed for twenty minutes and when I came back it CTD.) which I haven't been able to replicate. Otherwise completely smooth sailing on my end. Only mod I have active is Survivor Radio.
  2. Im a bit late to the party, but Im the one that confirmed the bug as well. Fresh character, vanilla save. GTX 760.
  3. Mumbler

    Zed Clients

    I have always found watching systems like the zombie tracking seen in this video to be mesmerizing...there is something wholly satisfying about seeing the lines draw as the Zs are aggro'd. Great vid, promising update. Thank you, Indiefolk!
  4. I am....forgainst this idea. On one hand, it could add variety to both the visual side of mobs of zombies and the combat aspect of approaching said mobs. On the other hand, every time I've ever seen a Z in media pick up a rock or tool and use it, even in the most rudimentary way, my brain immediately goes "that's f'ing stupid.". So, forgainst it.
  5. I fully agree that there ought to be a "never" option. The more customization, the better, says I! That being said, you CAN set up a generator with a fairly small amount of effort, and if you dont mind tweaking the sandbox settings (which it sounds like you don't) you can turn down noise and gas consumption to a point that both become negligible factors. Just an idea in the interim until they (hopefully) expand the sandbox options even more.
  6. I wonder what happens if you pack a players corpse in your bag in MP before they turn...?
  7. Mumbler

    School Reopening

    I second this!! For immersions' sake, being able to sit on chairs/couches to relax and lay down on beds to sleep would be a surprisingly huge addition (for me, anyway).
  8. I'm not entirely sure I'm leaving this in the right place, but since the animation update I find myself unable to begin opening a window while holding RMB. Though a small gripe, having to let go of RMB to open a window breaks the "flow" of sneaking around, in my opinion.
  9. Mumbler

    School Reopening

    Is this update basically saying that I will eventually be able to run DOS on in-game computers, thereby allowing me to play my all-time favorite game (the original XCOM) from within my second all-time favorite game (Project Zomboid)? Yeah, yeah, good job on all the other stuff I sort of read about. Project Xcom: Zomboid Unknown? You got my attention. (Seriously though. Thanks for the weekly. Great job, IndieFolks!)
  10. I think one of the reasons people see slightly different zombie behavior (larger groups, grouping more common) on multiplayer is that worlds tend to be around longer there. I would wager that most single player folks such as myself start a new world upon death, whereas multiplayer offers more incentive to just keep on with the same map. Since Z grouping plays out over time, you'll see more of it the longer the map is active.
  11. I do believe that amputation (not prosthetics) are a Maybe on the commonly suggested suggestions list, though I assume not as a way to avoid infection, in case that's part of what you're hoping for.
  12. I can definitely see where you're coming from. Inventory management can be a total nightmare sometimes. I would like to argue one point, though: auto-sorting your inventory isn't really a basic function. Indeed, I play a fair number of survival sims and I would go so far as to say it's not even a standard or common mechanic; keeping your house tidy (or not, hey) is typical of the genre.
  13. I'm opposed to this mildly, on similar grounds to other opposition: I think it would take away some of the immersion. Allow me to explain. PZ is a taxing game at times, mentally. I can't tell you the amount of time I've spent (happily, mind you) manually packing away my latest haul. There's an odd satisfaction to having everything organized and knowing you placed each item there by hand. The flip side of that coin is those intense, am-I-even-gonna-make-it-back days, where you just barely make it back to your safe house. Your character is tired from running, fighting
  14. Taking this general idea in a different direction: what about, instead of the zombies being attracted to your material wealth, they're attracted by how often you frequent a certain location...almost like we leave lingering scent in the air, and the longer and more often we're in a location, the stronger our scent signature in that area becomes. I actually wouldnt be TOO surprised if they worked in a mechanic along those lines with fauna and hunting.
  15. Are mapping tools expected to be overhauled soon due to animations? I ask because I've actually just started tinkering with them, and while they seem not only super-accessible but also quite fun (for me, anyway), I don't want to bother learning them if there's about to be a reworking due to recent updates. EDIT: Disregard this statement entirely. After working at it diligently for the last 15 hours straight, I've gone from being completely clueless in this process to actually playing on my 1-cell test map, fully functional with houses loaded properly with loot. Success!!
  16. That's what I was figuring; or at least, if not reverting to Axe by default, than having been assigned the same value as Axe as a placeholder until a unique value is assigned. Makes sense.
  17. I approve this idea. Assuming wildlife is persistent when it's implemented, it would be neat to actually walk through the woods looking for trails made and regularly used by local fauna as well.
  18. So, assuming that increasing the length of the day applies a multiplier to all sorts of variables associated with consumption, etc, its not unreasonable to think that the time it takes the system to "ping" itself and update the battery status to "charge" has also been affected. Wherein the battery would normally start charging after a minute of gameplay, changing the length of the day may alter it so it takes drastically longer. I dunno, I don't do much programming 😛 To be clear, though, are you also saying that if you drive the vehicle it doesnt charge, but if you let it sit and
  19. Huh, I never actually considered how changing the length of a game day would alter consumption rates. Are things like gasoline consumption also affected relative to the length of the day?
  20. Having been here many moons (I lost my login info for my previous account and email so I started wholly fresh) I can tell you that yes, they indeed do check these subforums.
  21. Perhaps it could be an upgrade to the already existing rain collector barrels; build the collector, and then use a tarp and 4 tent pegs or sturdy sticks to convert it to a dew collector. That way, while it is a viable way to gather water, it still forces you to make a choice between the two.
  22. This is actually a great idea. Some of the more iconic scenes for me in the zombie genre have been people exposed, physically and emotionally, as they stand defeated washing all the blood and gunk off. It would be cool from an RP perspective to be able to recreate that feeling at the end of a PZ day.
  23. I recently started poking at the game with my Switch Pro controller and have been finding it surprisingly accessible. I may be down for a few controller-only playthroughs with extemsive note-taking.
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