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  1. Another thing is the bug is easy to do is if you got a zombie by a wall window and you shove em I think they have to fall backwards then they go through the wall
  2. This was happening before I put a mod called "Superb survivors" in the game and I can see what I can do
  3. So I noticed for B41 when you shove a zombie against a building or near a window they phase right through it and it's really annoying when you're trying to fight them I'd say make a animation for shoving them against a wall or maybe a animation for shoving them through a window to be hones it'd look cool and be amazing for combat thank you!
  4. Thank you but I'm sure they'll add more illnesses at some point at least. and more injuries.
  5. That is always true Sunshine but I'm not a modder plus I don't think people would wanna make a detailed Hygiene mod anyways besides the one I was linked to lmao
  6. Kind of a bummer to be honest it'd be cool to have different hygiene effects like bathroom, and cleaning your teeth or they'll eventually rot make food more of a struggle I could totally see it but alas it won't happen.... 😛
  7. I suggest introducing more illnesses to the game to give it a more realistic effect and maybe more symptoms of different illnesses and add a bathroom system (I know that sounds gross lol) but I can totally see it adding more realism and a system on how much you go depending on your diet. You can drink your own Urine in a survival situation but it will lower your own happiness unless you have the wilderness perk or Military since you know it's for survival and you can use manure for farming and making fires more flammable, Kind of a odd suggestion but maybe it'll help in development! Thank You! PLEASE LOOK AT MY IDEA LOL
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