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  1. It's a realy big sistem to remodel and fix for build 41 so they won't make any rash moves there but i read they are already testing things about multiplayer, so not so long in the future i guess.
  2. Well, i tried and got ona hell of a blue screen, so not trying to flick that switch again, sorry, and no not yet able to go in game, can't even stay active for 1 minute to change the setings to see if it works for me...
  3. Erm.. anyone here? i just tried again and it looks like it crash less at windowed mode(did i say it correctly?) but still no game for me....
  4. And i installed it directly from the site you gave me.
  5. Assistant of driver and support intel APP for intel driver's update. Maybe it's a beta driver?
  6. Sure, there it is: console.txt logs.zip
  7. Ok, i'm done updating the driver and just tested the IWBUMS again, fist try got me to theworld loading screen till the char rendering finish (actual game) and 1 second after gane finish load it stop working for some seconds and auto closes, the second try the game just loads main menu and closes(1 second)... That's all i caught while trying to play it right now with IWBUMS.
  8. Hello there, i'm a old zomboid player from since the game started(almost i think) and i'm having this problem with IWBUMS since build 41.0 started and it is the loading game crash. can someone help me? build 40 works fine to me tou. I7 (4 cores) 18Gb MRam (Vengeance tipe slot card) onboard graphic card intel hd graphics 4600 The problem is that the game starts, loads and when it get's to the menu it closes after a unknown amount of seconds(from 1 to 60 secs) or simple open and closes(1 sec cooldown) .... Help here?
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