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  1. I will try to roll back the drivers. Do you have an RX 550 which driver do you have? So I could install and already rule out the possibility of being a driver I will try to uninstall and install the game, download it again to make sure there are no missing files About antivirus I don't use, I disabled Windows Defender and I don't have any other installed.
  2. I already did this before asking this question here on the forum, when I said that the "GPU driver" was updated, it was because it was updated. I don't want to be rude, but please speed up the answers, I bought the game on steam and I have time to ask for a refund, I don't want to do that, but if it takes too long to answer, who will be harmed will be me. Sorry but English is not my native language and I'm sorry if it seemed grouchy, it wasn't my intention. I researched this and saw that I am not the only one with this type of problem. I think the best way is for Devs to look for the problem and solve it, I know that these things are complex, but it is illogical to me that my computer runs GTA V and not be able to run Project Zomboid
  3. My game crash after the loading screen. The start menu works normally, but after the phrase "this is how you die" the game closes. My PC: i5-4670 8GB RAM ddr3 1660hz AMD RX 550 4gb My Java is updated and my GPU Driver too. I tried to change parameters of the "options" file, but it still didn't work (textureCompression, texture2x) Version of game is 41.32 console.txt
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