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  1. A good suggestion for Project Zomboid which I would recommend and wish the developers would implement is a tool where you can import your own tiles and rearrange them, edit them, and save. For example, say you have a car tile and want it in the game. The tool will split it where it needs to so that it appears in game as it should and you can add all the options like if it is solid and whatnot. Because objects that take up multiple tiles aren't easy to make by hand and knowing how and where to split is just hard for non-developers like myself. I have huge tile ideas that I want to implement but it is not feasible. The flexibility the game will have if you can take a drawing or a tile and have a program analyze and split it and then have it made into a sheet or tilesets would be amazing. More people would create amazing things. Take for example walls, doors, steeples, architectural designs. Little details that make the environment believable will immerse the player more in the world. That was what I wanted with Chernaurus, but ultimately, its too complex for me. A tool that allows you to import textures, an ISO image or drawing of an object and then have it arranged and split would be kind of neat. You might be thinking, "isn't there a tool that does that already?" Yeah the tool allows to import those tile sheets that you may make but it can't split multiple tile objects correctly. You can have a car that takes multiple areas of a sheet but as soon as you start to split the tile each side, N,E,W,S and the like it doesn't know how to manage that. You literally need to hand draw them already in halves. I commend the developers with their game and their unique style, but non-developers like me don't have the ability to create or mastery that type of artistry. This is what ultimately made me suspend the project. I still very much love the game. If someday the developers make a tool like that I would love to start making my own tiles that will fit the apocalyptic setting I wanted to create with chernaurus. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Trust me I'm still gonna do this. Just doing other things right now. Ive been lurking in the forums every once in a while. But for sure Ill be updating it at some point. Unless someone else beats me to it. But I will be expanding the world of the Zeds to include the cities and islands that currently exist in the Dayz world as well. The only downside is no Height maps so just bear that in mind
  3. Suspended for a while....it's complete but I just need time to do the details, and of course until custom tiles are implemented there won't be much of a release as I can't test them in-game. So that's really the only reason it's been suspended.
  4. That's just the tile definitions and arrangements on some parts that mix exterior walls with window tiles etc...all that can be fixed if you go to Building Ed ----> then tiles... in the building menu and after a new window opens, click the little button on the bottom that turns it into Expert Mode (should look like 2 picket fence icons and check and see what walls are fudged up...to do that just click on external or internal walls from the list on the upper left side check to see where things are and whats on the W, N, E, S....but then again I could be wrong
  5. When using photoshop, make sure in the general preferences (Edit menu.......General....) you set antialasing to nearest neighbor, set colors to Windows and make sure to un tick antialiasing, feathering when using brushes or any other tool. Also when creating a new project don't let adobe manage your colors, and set it to 24 bit like Ringo said. Also make yourself a swatch with all the basic project zomboid colors. It's been working for me. Also Suomiboi thanks for the tip on the blends.txt. it was driving me crazy that nothing was blended at all!!!! Also when saving in png format when it asks if you want interlaced and compression don't do either.
  6. I don't know how this will look in the editor, I haven't tried it out yet. Just made random dead corpses. I'll probably make more later on. Check it out and let me know. DEAD CORPSES
  7. Eso si! NĂ­tido! Buen aporte amigo!
  8. Cool. I've been sick with the flu the last two days..so anything is appreciated. Hopefully this will go away soon! !! I HATE BEING SICK!!!!
  9. Braaaaiiiins.....Brrreeeeiiiinnzzzzzz....???!!!!!!

  10. That's one big projector. Maybe you just resized it to make it look big. They're not this huge but I've seen plenty big ones in RL....LOL
  11. You should talk with Officer Mchaggis, he has an drive in movie theater with only has a placeholder as the projector. Nice job on it too! Cool, Let him know about it!
  12. I made this for kicks, it can be used as a projector for the Drive In... Or whatever... BackSide
  13. Hey Cooper.. yeah any help is awesome! 5x5, 10x10, 5x10 or even 10x20 housing templates would be cool. I've been a bit busy with custom tiling so houses haven't been on my list lately. Just industrial and landmarks that I've been tiling out. So any houses or scenery types would be useful. Just send me a pm with a link to the tbx. Hopefully the implementation of custom tiles will be in game by the time I'm done..no eta though..
  14. what movie is that??? (your avatar) I can't remember but I think it might be from a Harold and Kumar movie. LOL!!! I found it! I remember this movie.....good times...good times...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZuhYJynSk8
  15. what movie is that??? (your avatar)
  16. For anyone who wants to place tiles according to what type of tile it is, here is a reference (kinda'). Basically you just put the tile where you want it to show up. So basically when creating multiple tile objects make sure they are within the cubes, so when aligning the cubes in the editor they will join perfectly!
  17. LOL. Wong you crack me up. What's TF2? I'm not a heavy online multiplayer person. Lol
  18. I love Rebuild. Still play it whenever I'm on my Note II. CAN'T WAIT! !!
  19. This mega-map mod is looking awesome so far. Very, very awesome, indeed.
  20. New tiles I managed to put together from existing tiles
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