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  1. LIke I said before, there are games without cloud based saving, such as Mount and Blade Warband whose saving functionality is retained in GeForce Now. For that period of unofficial support, that is what the name suggests, unofficial. I don't think that equates to it being untenable for the future. If it's possible for the devs to make alterations to the save directory of the game such that GeForce Now can be supported for Zomboid, I would be in favour of it.
  2. From NVIDIA Support: "Yes, NVIDIA stores your saved games on the GeForce NOW servers using your NVIDIA Account and also syncs your saved games to your digital store account so that your progress and achievements will be synchronized with other gaming PCs." Looking at this, I don't think VunderFiz's point is correct. What they DO say is you must have the cloud sync enabled on each game and digital stores for CLOUD saves to work. There is a valid reason for cloud gaming - in my case its being able to play games I normally wouldn't be able to, without having to pour money into a top tier rig. As far as greed is concerned, you can certainly make that criticism when it comes to something like Stadia, but GeForce Now really isn't your enemy in that regard. GeForce Now permits you ownership of all the games you already have on Steam on their service and its thought that for this reason companies like Bethesda and Rockstar are pulling their games from it and switching to Stadia, which is more lucrative but against the consumer.
  3. I'm not sure I follow. I'm able to play other games that don't have cloud save functionality on GeForce Now and use saves just fine, such as Mount and Blade Warband. Why would this not be possible if the GFN people supported Project Zomboid?
  4. I would support this, there’s some other early access games on it such as Last Oasis so the GFN people probably wouldn’t be opposed to it. If you actually look into GeForce Now the lowest tier is entirely free for an hour-long session, and can be repeated as many times as you want. Pairing that with a situation like being at a university or somewhere where decent WiFi is a accessible and it becomes much more economically appealing. Zomboid has become more demanding as of late, and if this is a viable option then I don’t think one should settle for playing 30fps when they can use this and get a much smoother gaming experience.
  5. Maybe you can utilize something from the mechanic for the PvP toggle which puts a skull above the head when they toggle PvP, not sure if that helps, hope someone makes a mod of this sort though.
  6. Better Journals In this current stage of the game there are only so many ways for our characters to express themselves, and I have found journaling to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game, to fill a somewhat empty world (for now), with some life. But I think we could make it a lot nicer. As of now, each page is very small in terms of how much text you can put in it, while going beyond the word limit of the box requires you to scroll through said tiny box, which isn't very easy on the eyes. Moreover the aesthetic of the box is very simplistic. I know this is a personal gripe that comes down to personal taste, but looking at what the developers were capable with the great map UI (the way it opens a window with a textured page that you can pan your view through, with proper writing) I'd like to think that they understand what I'm getting at. My posting this was partly inspired by the journals of u/Special_Pickle_Buddy and u/CausticCafard on the r/ProjectZomboid subreddit, the latter of which really went above and beyond what a cool journal entry aesthetic can be. Images down below. Now I'm in no way suggesting that it needs to be up to the standard of Cafard's work, what he's done is some great digital artwork but its not the standardized journal type you'd imagine a game to have. Something to Skyrim's journals would be more appropriate I think. This is my (poor) attempt at depicting what it might look like. Its missing some options like page-turning, and isn't well formatted because I'm quite sloppy, and probably has numerous other issues. The options I would like to have in it in descending levels of priority (that is, what I prioritize, things that I would really like and look for) are: Multiple fonts (Cursive, print-esque handwritten, maybe block letters if you have a typewriter?) Different options for paper texture before you press the lock button (More wrinkled, different colors of paper within reason like yellow legal pads, lines, blank etc.) Big Leap of Inconsequentiality Drawing tool (Something like a brush, perhaps with varying levels of thickness starting from pencil-thin to something like a marker), I think this would be nice for the map too) Tools to add shapes and lines (If you're making a table for an inventory or diagram this would be handy) Stamps (Dates, symbols, CONFIDENTIAL, that sort of thing, maybe importable stamps?) Big big big leap in unimportance Image Importation? I would probably like to add zombie sketches to try and make a cool research journal. Hydrocraft had envelopes and manila folders. Maybe the ability to store pages in such folders as you can with keys in key rings. Could also use the letter opener in the vanilla game to be able to recover the folder for later use without ripping it open and ruining it. Final Addition: I'd also really like those same previously mentioned shape & line tools for the maps themselves too, because I think you also might want to make a birds eye view of your base on the map.
  7. I noticed that in Build 41 (playing on the latest version as of this post 17/03/2020) the divisions between textures on walls, and on some floor tiles, is especially more prominent as compared to 40. Examples: (Just zeroing in on the tile issue a little more here)
  8. If you make a custom map, will the signs all be related to roads in Kentucky?
  9. I was trying to place this laundromat sign inside an office building in West Point. For some reason after placing it, it doesn't appear. Yet when I go to the pick-up option, it suddenly appears again, but only when I'm hovering over it in the pickup menu. If you would like to try and recreate it, I was here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7356737199250991,0.2632242002475856,1319.2972493345167
  10. I would like to see pushing for objects that can be moved in one go, and lifting boxes for objects that need to be broken up into constituent pieces, where they would take up both slots when carried similar to a generator.
  11. There's already instruments in Zomboid that haven't got much use other than as a weapon or a collectible, but wouldn't it be cool to have them be playable? Examples of their application could be: A way to stave off unhappiness or insanity. Social use in multiplayer for fun. Being the Post Apocalyptic Pied-Piper of Muldraugh. I think the two ways of implementing this would be a form where you have access to a keyboard and can play the keys in sequence (not very fun) and through the ABC system (very fun), similar to how it was done in Lord of the Rings Online. The way this works is that the internet has websites that are these huge reservoirs of .abc file notated musical compositions (plus you can make your own) and you would have some designated folder, maybe in Zomboid's case it could be somewhere like This PC>Local Disk (C:)>Users>Player>Zomboid>music and then you paste the .abc file there. Then when you open the game, you would right click on your guitar to play and it would open a list that shows all the compositions you have in that folder, and you click on one and it will play, as your character acts out the complementary strumming animation. As a part of the game itself, there would be a perk requirement of guitar player, or an occupation like music teacher to be able to a variety of instruments. I think it would be an interesting way of showing how even a character whose traits wouldn't seem to ordinarily be sought after in an apocalypse, an entertainer, can still be a valued member of a group and contribute as such. Please share your thoughts with me!
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