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  1. Did you change the "movement behavior"? As soon as i hold down right mouse button to get into "ready" position with a spear - the character moves different. WASD do no longer response on "view" postion. Meaning - if a walk with WD pressed and hold down right mouse button, turn around the viewpoint to downside left (south) the charakter moves into the wrong direction (forward towards the spottet enemy). This makes it quite difficult to engange, attack, backup .. attack again, ... it feels wrong / changed. Update: Don't seems so - i dunno what happend - after restarting the game the moving was correct again.
  2. Confirm - building is for free in most actions. Only some cases like "Upgrade Wood-Frame to lvl3 Wall" or "lvl3 Doorframe" cost materials.
  3. It's like this: your outside a building - as you can see in the screenshot the window is closed and i will drink without going inside the building. this is on all "north-sided" sinks / toilets etc.
  4. First of all - very nice game - i'm new to this and enjoy it much!! Great!! I'm not sure if already reported - but i was able to drink from a sink while outside of the building and closed window. I think this is bug? Kind regards, Bulldog
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