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  1. The issue with this suggestion being a mod request is that it would likely require an entirely new key binding, which would call for a pretty hardcore mod. I know mods like ORGM add key bindings, so it's doable, but it still seems like it'd be a pretty heavy one. Vanilla's path is set out pretty well, but it's still in early access and it's the beta version of a big update, so now's the best time to suggest adjustments to the new system. Yeah, when I saw people asking about this new "eyewimbus" thing or whatever in the comments section to some mods I was subscribed to I was pretty amazed to see they were referring to some update that hadn't even been made playable yet. I don't even mod, but I can't imagine making a mod for the beta release of an update. Funny little side-story, I actually named my save "Eyewimbus" because that's what I said in my head when I first read IWBUMS.
  2. This wouldn't be a "fix," it'd be an all new feature. Have they said they would be adding a new attack button, or are they simply making a change to the current system?
  3. Ever since I first used the spear I've noticed a discrepancy with the animations. Two of the animations are a straight stab and the remaining one is a sort of sweeping slice attack. I always thought it was odd how I could stab two zombies standing about a meter apart with the same spear thrust. Hitting two zombies at once with the sweeping attack makes sense, but not with the stab, unless it's the critical thrust and the zombies are standing in a line. I'm not sure what the best way would be to execute this, as weapon swinging has only ever belonged to the left mouse button, but it's still worth looking into. Picking off stragglers? Get in there with a decisive strike. Trying to keep a group of them back? Go for a sweeping strike that divides the kinetic force of the swing between two targets and doesn't leave you open to getting bitten.
  4. Yeah, that's the beauty of Project Zomboid. Any suggestion I post that can be fixed by sandbox settings is intended to give the "default" mode a good setting. It's a pretty sick notion that making suggestions is "gatekeeping." Not sure if I've ever seen multiple people get this bothered over a suggestion thread in my life. Even little gripes are worth bringing up. That's what beta testing is for. Probably because they're not game-breaking issues, they're just mechanics that need improving. If this were just some dumb zombie killing arcade game, I wouldn't care, but this game has a lot of attention to detail and seems to care a lot about inching its way towards perfection.
  5. It's happened twice so far, I think it was a different weapon both times. I suppose I could trip on purpose and replicate it. I'll get back to ya on it.
  6. Yeah, I'm dismissing you as a troll at this point, this is ridiculous. At least now the thread will begin to clean itself up.
  7. Exactly, so why bring it up? I literally couldn't care less about who is and isn't a founder and anybody that tries using their status as leverage in an argument doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Now are you gonna get back on point or are you gonna keep accusing me of things like having not even played the game and dying in a theoretical zombie apocalypse?
  8. I promise you they're not talking about the clunky movement when they praise this game because I'll tell you this update absolutely makes the game better but still tell you the movement system needs work. Which is why we'd need to make other changes, such as not allowing us to stab two zombies standing a meter apart with the same spear thrust. There are ways to make the game realistic without making it too easy. You couldn't because your character would get tired or your weapons would break before that happened. We're not talking 100-200 swings, we're talking 100-200 zombie kills. There are other mechanics in the game that make it hard for the player to deal with a lot of zombies at once. Except kiting tactics like that are exactly what we would do in real life if we had to kill a bunch of stupid, slow zombies with a melee weapon. It's not an "exploit," that implies what you're doing is physically impossible. I'd take that over having to break combat to turn around and walk backwards a little because that's just tedious and the fact that I have to do that instead of just simply moving backwards faster is unrealistic and extremely annoying. Literally one bite and you're dead. Fear zombies or you'll get cocky and die. Combat is boring and broken now as soon as we have to turn around to get distance. Adding the slow just introduced this new problem. Then the months of testing were wrong. This is a zombie survival simulation, not an arcade game where we need to be artificially limited for muh balance. So make encumbrance slow us down in combat. Easy fix.
  9. If you attack right after standing up, you'll attack the ground instead of your intended target, even if there's nothing there.
  10. I usually build a log wall and make the zombies pay for it, but I saw a Reddit post of a guy that surrounded his house with some kind of metal wall, so now it's got me wondering: what's the best type of wall in the game? I remember Googling it a few times, but there wasn't much information on it.
  11. Figure you could probably do it in real life, so why not let us do it in this game? The Brotherhood of Steel has been suggesting this since 2008.
  12. Realism in a game like this IS always the best thing, the issue is that the current movement system isn't realistic at all; it went too far in the other direction.
  13. At that point it would be worth starting the nimble stat out at something like 3 or 4 and implement traits that reduce it so that not every fresh character would be literally the most clumsy human being possible. Attack while moving - your character will quickly slow to a stop for no reason, then start moving again.
  14. This is 1993 Kentucky. Am I really expected to believe all of these people died to slow and stupid zombies without having time to get their home defense firearm? I expect them to not have ammo left most of the time, but seriously, what's with the lack of personal defense weapons in the pockets and under the pillows?
  15. Just use passing steps while swinging - it's extremely easy. You can't even move while attacking in the game right now, so there's already a huge disconnect. God, I hope not. This is such a glaring problem.
  16. The push for more realistic player movement is admirable, but some of the ways the player character moves is just clumsy and unrealistic. You should be able to move backwards while fighting zombies much more quickly. Like, all you're doing is holding an object while walking in reverse - it's not that hard. A normal person should be able to move in reverse faster than any zombie can "shamble." Maybe make a "combat posture" and a "mobility posture" that can be toggled back and forth with the jogging hotkey. Look at how clumsy this is - I shouldn't need to completely disengage to keep distance from the zombies and turn all the way back around to reengage like that, I should be able to move back at a pace sufficient to keep me out of range. Not to mention my character just completely stops moving for no apparent reason, which almost got me bitten twice. We should also be able to dodge in any direction. I'm not referring to a clumsy, cumbersome, dodge roll, I'm just talking about a sudden long step to get out of harm's way while in a combat stance. I do see the problem with this and the WASD movement, as we would only be able to dodge in 8 directions, but it'd be better than nothing. Get rid of tripping. Just get rid of it or at least give us a way to recover from a trip with a sense of urgency, maybe something like that stumble-roll recovery from the original Assassin's Creed or just simply getting up faster than an 80 year old man. Like, y'know, the kind of urgency a person would have when they're 1-2 seconds from guaranteed death. People aren't this clumsy in real life. The new movement system has good potential, but there are too many scenarios where the player character just shrugs and says "guess I'll just die" instead of using basic motor skills to not get his brains feasted upon. Not saying we should be ninjas, but we should be people. Most of the problems are coming from either the player character having no motor skills or just simply not having the sense of urgency that should be present in a life and death situation where they're literally becoming panicked. These changes wouldn't even make the game too easy because, not only could encumbrance hinder these maneuvers, but you're still dead as soon as one bite gets through to you. This update is still a big leap and a good start, so keep up the good work.
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