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  1. Me and my friend played on split-screen and on multiple occasions encountered it, they just start running after some time, no matter if it's day or night. In older versions (40.--) it wasn't present and zombies only ran during night. I think that only zombies that spawn around your house (when you start new game) are affected by day/night activity, but newly spawn zombies are not affected
  2. Damn, that looks like an artefact from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but it's probably sky texture thar reflects from car window. Good you solved it
  3. Yep - it's called melee attacks disruption in sandbox, but it seems that right now disruption is present only when you don't hit anything (at least with baseball bat), yet you walk unimpeded if you hit zombie, maybe disruption is set while recovering from attack, not during it. To be honest I thought it meant to buff knife combat, right now with bread knife you need only two hits to stunlock zombie and go around it to kill it whitch makes it a valuable weapon if your character is tired, before it needed three
  4. I don't remember if it was like that before like 41.29 or something. I've noticed that walk speed was noticeably faster while hitting zombies after some update but it was cool, i thnk, but then was that bug. It only happens with one haded weapon, as you said, maybe this happens because of that. I will test it and give you an update. I still have 41.27 on my PC it so happens
  5. I think it's a bug, fall from 2 or 3 floor is lethal, i threw some zombies from 6 floor in debug mode and never killed any. I don't see why would zombie not die from fall, that is lethal to you
  6. Alcohol makes you veteran. I select drink 1/4 and at start immediately press escape, so I only drink a little sip, but effect of beta-blockers and pain killers still affects me (it doesn't matter if you drink whole bottle or any other amount, effect persists for the same duration), also if your character is claustrophobic (agoraphobic probably too) you can lower your panic by speeding time to 4x so if you want to sleep just speed time up and when you're calm go to sleep.
  7. It seems that sneak skill only makes you less noisy, but i don't know if it's working while sneaking or just as a passive buff. The distance that zombies see you is only affected by inconspicuous and darkness from what I know, at night with inconspicuous you can walk very closely to them. Your Sneak skill: x 1.0 at 0 skill down to x 0.4 at max skill.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/dmm3ew/does_wearing_heavier_clothing_affect_stealth/f52u822/?context=3 Now you have the distance the sound travels but there is still a chance to eliminate the sound by sneaking: Normal chance at being heard is 50% per step Sneaking chance is 25% at 0 lightfooted skill down to about 8% at master level lightfooted skill.
  9. Axe man only makes your character chop trees with 1/3 less swings required (it doesn't affect your swing speed as said in description). Axe damage and swing speed is defined by Axe skill - (Precision about 0.5 sec)
  10. I usually play as a low fitness character and i was curious how body weight and fitness skill affects time you can jog. I did some tests in debug mode and is seems that overweight makes you loose endurance 2x faster (not exactly), while obese only affects your fitness skill (as you can see in description and even on old wiki page), so character with out of shape + overweight (3 fitness + 90kg) looses endurance faster than obese (3 fitness + 105kg), in fact obese doesn't change anything other than starting fitness. Character with normal weight and fitness lvl 0,5,10 will do the same as obese character with corresponding fitness lvl. For the bonus underweight and very underweight doesn't affect your fitness either besides starting fitness skill. All tests based on jogging only.
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