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  1. they're working on it, also they're working on a tool for modders to create their own animations, might want to leave your blueprint there
  2. Better graphics would be dope, but I don't think this would ever be achievable due to dev's vision of the game
  3. Title, characters get sad and depressed after a faction member or a coop partner dies.
  4. rag + gasoline + stick/lance/branch = Would it be too hard to implement?
  5. oof this would be too much, I was thinking just a huge orde that you stumb upon once in a time and it's so big your only option would be to lure it somewhere else
  6. Would be dope to be driving and encountering a random horde just traveling down the road
  7. Take cover would be nice for PvP and Peeking without getting spotted by Zeds
  8. Buffing Sneak -Zeds are really relentless, it would be cool to not have 5 following you every half a mile at the price of moving slower More body types would be dope! -Height -Waist Circumferences -Musculature Also choosing if the character is going to be left or right handed would be really immersive
  9. it was fine until I washed them all, then they started to overlap with the university coat, and security assistant coat, not sure about other types of coats
  10. Let us choose between left or right handed characters!
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