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  1. DeMante

    IWBUMS 41.44

    Oh, thank you so much! I've died to many times to a tiny tree in winter!
  2. Almost all my deaths lately have been to a tiny little tree that I didn't see. Is there a mod that allows you to move faster through trees? I don't care about the bigger ones slowing me down, but the tiny ones just don't make sense to me. Especially since they are almost exactly the same as bushes during winter/six months later.
  3. This works as a great workaround! I'm able to play again, thanks! (well, more like die again) However, it is a little annoying if I want to try out a different map pack and spawn in that map. I hope that Indie Stone can do a proper fix for this, though I imagine that it's not high on their priority list and it probably shouldn't be.
  4. Thanks! I'll try it when I get home and reply later!
  5. So I went back and deleted everything this time, including the saves and did a reinstall just in case. Still not working.
  6. I deleted everything but the saves.
  7. Okay, so this is a little bit of a weird bug that started a few patches ago in the 41 build. I was messing around in the debug mode trying to figure out how to uninfect my character (yeah I know, cheating). My character ended up dying a few game days later and that is when I noticed that all the extra starting locations from Pillows random spawns to the addon maps like Bedford Falls. At first I thought it was an update to the beta but people doing the One Painful Year challenge didn't seem to be having the problem. I tried disabling all mods and only use Pillows and it still didn't work. At the same time, I had a second computer (tablet) that I was transfering the game between. On the second computer I was having the same problems, but after messing around in debug, it seemed to fix itself on that PC. However, on my main computer, debug or not, I am not able to get the spawn locations to work. Things I've tried: * going into debug mode and messing around with the same settings * using steams "verify integrity of game files" * uninstalling and reinstalling the game (multiple times) * uninstalling and deleting any file, mod, or registry reference that I could find to the game I'm not sure what else to try, any suggestions?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's from a sniper. 🤣
  9. Does anyone know when 41.40 will be out? My last character died a week ago and I've been waiting for the next patch to start the next one! I'm looking forward to some bling!
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