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  1. I worked hard to find a car, bring it home in my 3 door garage (yes, I've picked the Mechanic trait!), and fix it to above 85% condition. I realized I had all the traits to hot-wire cars and was determined to clean the street of vehicles in front of my garage. Broke a window in the first car. Couldn't get the vehicle menu by clicking U or opening the hood. I broke the window of a second car. Same issue. I went back in my garage and realized I have the same problem with my fixer... :( But I as worried when I tried to move forward with my fixer because it started while the car dashboard menu is not showing. How am I going to stop this car?? Finally the N key stops the car just fine. I could still play but it sucks to build this play-thru around a mechanic who can't pop open a hood!!! By the way, I tried other menus. The Info/Skills/Health/Protection/Temp are working just fine. The Crafting menu is also not working. The 2 things I love about PZ!!! Please help. Thanks!
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