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  1. Hi Actually the title says everything I guess - Blur while being drunk would be nice detail in my opinion and intensity of the blur could depend on amount(moodle) of drinked alcohol. Small sweet detail :3
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingBrightButterDendiFace
  3. I don't think he use any mods. Except one for custom spawn locations maybe
  4. Everything you need to see is right here https://clips.twitch.tv/NastyBrightBubbleteaDancingBaby
  5. I only found one house with this glitch so far - It looks this same when viewed trough door/windows for all time. I don't know if this problem goes away if you go inside the building cause there was too many zombies later around windows and I got eaten 😧 Couldn't check that unfortunately :C I don't use any mods and I think this is the same building from @crossedscreenshot - 95 % sure it's this house
  6. I found this graphical bug in one of the houses in Rosewood( I guess this is Rosewood, I don't really remember what town is it)
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