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  1. purification tablets mybe a good adition? few more militar stuff (no weapons, equipment)
  2. aquelarrefox


    Mybe is something atmospheric but i like to see vhs in game, working as books but watching a tv, very 90s... looking other people life until get zombies after take their things from their houses. A reason to have tv after lights go out. mybe learn somthing as the books....
  3. aquelarrefox

    Defecation v1.2

    i dont know if this is madness or geniality, i hope some time comes 41...
  4. i hope chains of events, but not a plot, the freedom is quiet good in anĀ“ apokalipsys
  5. i like that place, im there righht now, jajaja. But im not feeling safe in MULDRAUGH any time. i could die faster in other cities but this make me feel unsafe and that garage with segurity lockers at sw is good and defendible, even scape by ropes from 2nd floor.
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