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  1. I was playing PZ steam together with someone but i have a problem, the x button all of the sudden doesn't work with interact. At first I thought it was the controller but soon enough I switched and it still happened (One->360) so for a while we switch the button with interact to R3 (9) but got tired of it so we switched it back but still hasn't worked the x button functions in the options menu with the testing with lights button 2 and it worked but when in game it did not bring up the interaction menu. TL;DR the x button when playing steam play together doesn't work for bringing up the interaction menu but in options to test buttons out it does. Extra notes: -We switched both our button maps to the same thing -Mods have nothing to do with this -Every other menu functions -It works with local split screen and not steam play together -Seems to be a problem with the game or steam Other bug: While testing out the controller I jumped over a fence with a warehouse next to it and then magically appeared inside of it and then got stuck in a metal shelve
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