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  1. Just seen someone post on steam that its 'SteamApps' causing the problem. It needs to be renamed 'steamapps'. Just tryed it and the game loaded fine
  2. HI. I've been having the same 41.30 problem re: the crash at 'loading lua'. I've been loading via a 64bit batch file but now even thats stoppped working (sad face). If I delete Mods I'll have to start a new game (very sad face). Is this the only way to get past the problem? P.S. this game (50 yr old here, don't play many games. First time using a key board to play a game. Played almost daily since 19th Dec. console.txt
  3. Sorry to post such a stupid question but I'm a noobie and was wondering do we have to download the patches from here or will my game automatically update? (bought the game on steam).
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