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  1. I fear I already know the answer to this - but is there anyway of adding a new category of broadcast? So, something other than "radio", "television", "emergency" etc etc.
  2. I remember way back when, when NPCs were in. They were little more than zombies with shotguns. To be honest, I was GLAD when they were removed because they had a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. The first time you break into a house and have your face blown off by an NPC is cool and all, but the 4th or 5th time is annoying. And if they weren't hyper aggressive, they stood around getting eaten. If NPCs never come back, i'm cool with that. Honestly, I'd like them to come back, and if they're even half as good as TIS says they will be, i'll be happy. But i bought the game to su
  3. Ooph... Thats a good question. I'm not entirely sure. I think it was pretty early. Errm. I think i got it from Desura. And I remember the map was 1 square, basically. A few houses, and a park. Maybe a bank? And I remember being excited when they added in sheet ropes to climb out of windows, and push-able furniture. Still here, still having fun!
  4. I've been play PZ for... ohhh god... ages. I mean, back before you could 'comfort' Kate with the pillow. And i've had fun. A lot of fun. And i love it to bits! But thats not to say the game hasnt ever got boring. Sure, theres been times when PZ hasnt ever left my mind, and i can't wait to get home and play it, sort my base out, scavenge - but after all that is said and done, when there is nothing else to do apart from farm, of course it will get a tad boring. Thats basically the 'end game' and with no danger from zombies, or running out of food/water, the game becomes less of a zombie surviva
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