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  1. After having a look around the net, this only seems to occur when you build player built-walls on top of game-created buildings.
  2. Many years later I too have this issue, but only on the 1st floor (not the ground floor). Very frustrating. Putting lighting quality to lowest makes them a bit less transparent, but they're still transparent.
  3. Hey there. So this has probably been requested many times, but since the development is at an important crossroads now I thought I'd suggest it again. Can we please get more day-length options? Especially stuff between 1 and 2 hours, like maybe just 90 minutes, or also 75 if you want to be very nice. If possible maybe just let the player set the timescale freely. Also, me and many others would love the option for shorter months. Almost nobody who plays this game and starts in summer is ever going to see winter. Yes, the people here (my hardcore friends) may have seen winter, yes you can start in winter. Still, just having the option to have 10 or 15 or 20 day months would be amazing. Other than that, thanks a lot for the continued development, for staying true to your vision, even if it takes very long, and of course for the amazing build 41. Looking forward to NPCs.
  4. I think the best solution would be if you could drop anything you hold in your hands or carry on your belt/back/holster, but nothing that's in bags or clothes that you are actually wearing.
  5. Yes, I know all that. I used nothing stale, everything "fresh", as I said it was day 3 of a fresh game. Even if you use only fresh food, sandwiches will give you more and more boredom and unhappiness the more ingredients you use. So It's the opposite of how it's supposed to work, and the opposite of how it works with stir-fries, for example. It's bugged. I read somewhere that if you bake your own bread it works as intended, but I have not tried that yet. Maybe I will try that later.
  6. I just found out you could make sandwiches. Great, I thought! I have plentiful loot, let's make some amazing sandwich with only fresh ingredients, on day 3 of a new game. Put some ham slices, some lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese on it... Well, it's definitely satiating. However, it also gave something like 48 unhappiness and 40 boredom. Please fix.
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