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  1. My game is pretty much unplayable now, at this point... I have tried everything.
  2. I have been having this issue on my gameplay as well. My bandages covered my scratches, as well. I keep a nice bandage on my hand for "grip" now.
  3. Hello all! Long time Zomboid player here. So here recently I got back into playing the game, saw the new IWBUMS update, decided to try it out. Never had any issues beforehand with crashing to desktop, frame rate drops, etc. Well, after installing this amazing update, I found I was crashing like crazy as well as losing items that I have recently transferred! I disabled all my mods, like the welcome screen says and I had a little bit of relief. Not long after, I was experiencing the same issues again. Frustrated, I verified the integrity of the game cache through Steam... didn't work. Finally, I decided to reinstall the game because maybe I missed a redist update. Still... crashing. I took to reddit because I saw some of the mods and devs stay on there for feedback, etc... but no one really shared similar experiences or tried to help. So, I'm taking to the forums because maybe someone can help me. I've listed some details about my PC as well as a pastebin link to my MOST recent crash that just happened to me, I haven't reloaded the game. Couple notes: All of my drivers are most recent for my machine. I was never having issues on this machine until this update. The game itself runs fine it's just the random crashes that happen. I have disabled the new settings as they did tank my framerate, etc. All my settings are lowest. Dell Inspiron 15-3567 | Intel i3 7130U u/ 2.70 GHZ | 8 GB RAM | 1 TB HDD | Intel Graphics 620 | Windows 10 64-bit Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/EWhw7PQv
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