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  1. Bump This is terribly annoying. Is it really impossible to do right now?
  2. Ang


    I guess it looks so weird because all the zombies paid attention to the scream.
  3. Ang


    the zombie animation is just unbelievable I would suggest making a couple of versions of the turns so that during the game this effect does not become boring looking forward to the new year!
  4. Ang

    New Zombies

    I understand how annoying newcomers are, but nothing on changing zombies, I have not found.
  5. I apologize for my poor English. Who can tell me how to change a zombie from scratch? The necessary programs are downloaded. I want to change the height. Textures and models, as well as a few bumps on them (to remove the particular murder with a knife). Just tell me how to do it. Which folders to copy to my mod folder. Which lines will I have to change. How to change textures.
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