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  1. Oh, realy? Thank you, man, I'm noob
  2. Good Evening, dear players and developers. I'm have a problem with building. When I'm press RMB, menu is setup, and Build button has not visible. I'm have a materials for a building, but Build button not visible. Please, check my screenshot.
  3. Okey, man, thanks for the help. The game crashes, and I'm sure that this is most likely due to the mismatch of the system requirements for the game.
  4. Sometimes, games crash. I'm playing on map at 40-50 minutes and game crash.
  5. Thank you for answer. My system specifications: Windows 8.1 Intel Celeron CPU J1850 4 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics I'm check a driver for graphics card. So, I have a last version driver for a graphics card. I will do, what you recommended me. If I can see problems, I will say you.
  6. These are not all the logs, I threw you only the current log. If you need other logs, I'll throw them to you.
  7. No. I'm play on the map for 5-10 minutes, and game was crash. And after crash, new window open "ProjectZomboid64.exe has stopped working". And what about the logs. –°heck this link and download document: *Click* File have size 4.3 MB.
  8. Hello, dear users! Today, I'm buy game Project Zomboid, and I'm try to test a version 41.21. And I have a one problem. When I'm start a game, game don't crash. When I'm continue my game, "ProjectZomboid64.exe has stopped working". Please, I need you help. Thank you for the questions.
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