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  1. The woodaxe has insane durability as a weapon, I'm still at %95 durability with over 1500 zombies killed. This level of durability should definitely be used with the crowbar, metal pipes, and other metal weapons. Like you said, their use on zombies would be practically infinite. If a new mechanic was introduced, I think bladed weapons (including, but to a lesser extent axes) should go down in damage gradually, requiring maintenance (sharpening) to the blade.
  2. You can't read, or attempt to read / re-read old skill books. For example, the text of "I already know this..." doesn't appear, there is no interaction. Also, when you read in advance (i.e. reading intermediate books while your skill is at level 1) you can't read the book again to activate the xp bonus upon reaching lvl 2.
  3. I'm unable to place anything in the space I'm standing in the following picture: ( I am, however, able to craft shelves there and place a small bookcase) Additionally, I'm unable to place certain objects under the Laundromat sign, here's an example:
  4. I'm unable to apply plaster to the walls I'm standing in front of in the following images: Additionally, while attempting to plaster the wall in the first image, I was able to repeatedly apply plaster to the wall I'm standing in front of in the following image:
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