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  1. Based on my own mapping experiences, here's what I have observed... NAV = Used on road system of map. Dictates where the random 'scenes' can spawn such as broken down cars, police roadblocks Farm = Not 100% certain but may have something to do with foraging. Possible that this may be a future update use FarmLand = Like 'farm' not 100% Townzone = Opposite to forage zones, dictates where urban areas are on the map. This likely influences horde migration when set between urban focus Trailerpark = Used to define poor areas of town. When certain loot tables generate things, there are conditions that check if its a poor part of town (via this I think) and thus spawn 'poor people' clothing versus more luxury type clothing.
  2. Recently noticed strange issue with wall corners in latest version. Might be the new update changes to the cut-away/wall hiding changes. 1. Corner trim will not show even though it displays correctly in BuildingEd. As example, the wall below is a straight forward interior wall & interior wall trim choice for the room def section. 2. Same corner displays in the incorrect ordering with the player being able to either walk partially or completely behind the texture as if the corner has higher priority in display order.
  3. this is awesome. thx devs
  4. It could also be related to the game generating loot/lot specific info for new cells you are traveling into for the first time.
  5. This also happens when using certain natural floor type tiles when building lots IN BuildingEd and placing them in the world. My sense is that its a graphics glitch specific to the tile blending for certain soil/dirt tiles in game. I had to replace a specific soil type tile with a different one and it resolved the same looking issue above.
  6. If its the doors not opening..then yes I have the same issue
  7. Confirm this happened twice to me as well using the riverside warehouse as a base, first time recovered after exiting and reentering save, second time i went to bed and slept a long time but sleep moodle went red hot, woke and went terminal! Clueless and frustrated at first, but glad to see its a thing reported here.
  8. Noticed a repeated issue where I can't remove a car key from a corpse's inventory once I kill it. If I drag/drop the key to my keyring, it does nothing. The workaround seems to be to grab and drop the corpse and then you can take the key from its inventory.
  9. On the topic of gas can weight, I also noticed this odd behavior when i had 2 crates full of completely filled cans and one crate held more than the other!
  10. Just checking if the devs confirm this as an issue as I noticed the exact same location with the issue was posted on reddit by another user along with similar posts in other locations involving 2nd+ levels of buildings. EDIT: Changed title to 41.27 as issue still exists
  11. Had the same issue in my run yesterday with zombies really noticing me from quite the distance even when sneaking. Pretty sure something changed as I haven;'t touched my settings and could atleast manage to get past a few zombies whilst sneaking. It was worse when I managed to get into a vehicle to hotwire and suddenly some random zombie from nearby trees a good distance starts approaching (not wondering, but actually moving towards me perfectly as in spotted)
  12. Just started playing and noticed that the walls on the 2nd level of the warehouse I'm in are not hiding to show the room. 1st story (ie inside the warehouse is fine), just when i go up to 2nd level i get this issue) Here is what I see when standing in the room behind the wall with door closed. Location is here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.48064336074036285,0.08994191659958395,180.29718967126533 Only mod used is Filibuster Used Cars
  13. Great that this is being fixed next patch. Just to add some info...this seemed to occur to me when I loaded the vehicle to max inventory size...i.e. trunk and seats full to max or nearing it. I now only fill to around 70-80% to avoid this bug as a temp workaround and dont seem to have encountered it anymore. You know you are about to lose your inventory items (or most recent batch of them) when you either cant exit/enter the vehicle or the little red error numbers start to appear when you enter your vehicle.
  14. just noticed a small update when i started the game again after posting and going off to do something else....now things are working fine for me. tried to replicate issue several times and no more 'dead' saves. i assume the devs fixed something...thanks 👍
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