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  1. starting game is fine now. So, if I have already read a book before the update, there is no way to trigger exp multiplier or reread it in that very game?
  2. now i cant run game at all. "fatal error: steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPl_Init() failed). bought on gog.
  3. the same here. please fix.
  4. yes, i am sure, and unfortunatelly sb else has the same problem so i believe it is a system problem. bad thing is it does ruin the game as it stops your advance in game
  5. the same with farming for int. has this happened after patching to 41.21? has this been happening before?
  6. i've read farming for beginners, levelled my farming up to about 1,5 lvl, then read farming for intermediates, levelled up to 2 lvl, and i cant trigger exp multiplier. i know i should choose "read" option for already read book, but nothing happens. is there sth i can do? as gaining exp without book boost is really slow
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