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    FrankWesker reacted to Batsphinx in IWBUMS 41.24 released!   
    Generally we will do this, Sasha will respond with a 'pie' to stuff she's noted and brought over to the internal tracker - though a mix of her being away recently and the general deluge of player reports we're getting at the moment (which is nevertheless very much appreciated) has contributed to some issues like the one under discussion here not getting the 'pie' treatment
  2. Like
    FrankWesker reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.23 released!   
    - Change the color of non-icon buttons when clicking them for visual feedback.
    - Removed Tutorial from main menu.
    Added new sandbox loot options:
    - Canned food, Medical, Mechanics, Survival gears, Ranged weapons, Ammo, Literature.
    - When loading a previous game, these new loot modifier will be based on existing one (so ranged wpn/ammo will take weapon modifier, the others will take "Other" loot modifier)


    Zombies have less chance spotting the player during night (it was already there, but happen only during really dark night, lowered the threshold a tad)
    Halved the odds of jamming a gun
    Growing hair now take 20 days instead of 30.
    Balance weight of some clothing.
    Burglar profession can now hotwire vehicles & have less chance of breaking lock when opening windows.
    Hard of earing now gives 4 points (from 2).
    Increased ThickSkinned cost to 8 points (from 6).
    Increased ThinSkinned points given to 8 (from 6).
    Some weight related traits now reduce fitness.
    Weight related traits have now a bigger impact of chance to fail climbing big fences.
    Nightowl fixed, now works properly.
    Being Hemophobic and having blood on your on your clothes now slowly increase panic.
    More forgiving about the direction the player is facing when auto-vaulting over fences.


    - Temp fix for Kingsmouth hanging while saving. The island is surrounded by water, preventing the game from finding any path to respawn zombies.
    - Fixed fake-dead zombies in House in the Woods challenges.
    - Fixed walls flickering on fast-forward.
    - Fixed zombie skins changing at random.
    - Fixed belts etc not drying over time when worn.
    - Fixed missing zombie footstep sounds for slow-moving and sprinting zombies.
    - Fixed IsoGameCharacter.DoFootstepSound(String) volumes being ignored.
    - Fixed sprinter zombies lunging at full speed through trees and bushes.
    - Fixed animation and turning issues when performing medical actions on a splitscreen player.
    - Fixed bandage models appearing on the doctor rather than the patient in splitscreen.
    - Fixed rapidly clicking a button ignoring every second click (buttons were ignoring double-clicks).
    - Fixed Frying Pan model rotation when on the ground.
    - Fixed Revolver & dbl barrel shotgun getting hammed
    - Fixed invisible bandage (used to apply bandage model to player) weighting 1.0 (now it's 0).
    - Fixed sometimes bandage model not being removed (e.g when getting bite).
    - Fixed zombies attacking while still turning to face the player. This was most noticeable when the player was sitting in a vehicle; a zombie would walk to the vehicle's window, then
    attack as it was making a 90-degree turn. It could also happen when opening a door with a zombie behind it, or walking around a corner into a zombie.
    - Fixed inventory-context-menu command "Move To > Floor" moving items to the player's inventory but not dropping them on the floor.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoMovingObject.checkHitWall() when adjacent chunks haven't been loaded.
    - Fixed playing the player's hit-reaction animation after exiting a vehicle. It looked like the zombie hit the player from the other side of the vehicle.
    - Fixed the player dying twice sometimes while getting dragged to the ground.
    - Fixed multiple issues with zombies knowing the location of players for a period after losing LOS
    - Fixed zombies seeing the player behind them as soon as they heard noise from the player. Now they don't see the player until
    they have turned enough.
    - Fixed metalworking actions failing because the Welder Mask can't be equipped in the hand anymore. Now it is worn.
    - Fixed ground attacks hitting doors, trees, etc.
    - Fixed a bit of debug code blocking the main thread every frame.
    - Fixed ISInventoryTransferAction failing if the item is already in the destination container. This fixes not being able to put gas in a vehicle when the Gas Can is in a bag to begin with.
    - Fixed duplicating items exploit involving corpses.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in ThunderStorm when the player's current square is null.
    - Fixed players getting blood on them after shooting zombies from a distance.
    - Fixed VehiclesDB not reporting many save/load errors. Now it uses the little-red-box-of-doom.
    - Fixed multithreading bug with the player/vehicle database. Existing files with already-corrupted vehicle data will repeatedly throw exceptions.
    - Fixed VehiclesDB throwing exceptions repeatedly if BaseVehicle.load() failed
    - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoPuddlesGeometry.
    - Fixed VERSION=1 not being written to keys.ini in some cases
  3. Spiffo
    FrankWesker reacted to trombonaught in Zedsgiving   
    Fire lookin goooood. Hoping for similar release times on zoom and fire so that I can watch myself burn to death in high-res.
  4. Like
    FrankWesker got a reaction from trombonaught in Zedsgiving   
    Guys, this is just amazing. I love the build 41, it's almost a new game, a new era for PZ! I'm inviting all my friends to buy the game and play together when b41 MP is out.
    Keep up the AWESOME work, guys! Love you ❤️
  5. Like
    FrankWesker reacted to nasKo in Zedsgiving   
    Hey everyone, here’s a quick update on where we are with the current IWBUMS beta process. We do hope you’re well, and wish all Americans a happy Thanksgiving today – even if many of the PZ team only really know of it via films and soft focus television comedies from the 1990s.
    41.21 PATCH
    We patched the current IWBUMS beta on Tuesday, which was a version that contained:
    Visible bandages A new ‘inspect clothing’ UI and improved tailoring Randomized vehicle events to come across on the highways of the Knox Event Improved Studio and Kingsmouth challenges Insulation/temperature system changes Loads of balance and bug squashes Annoyingly this patch also came with its own measure of bugs, and we had to spend a day hotfixing players who couldn’t survive through winter due to INTENSE SUFFERING and also a savegame issue.
    These issues should now be fixed, so if you’re still having problems with them then please double-check your system has the very latest version of the IWBUMS beta by verifying files or reinstalling. If problems remain then please let us know on the forums.
    We’re slightly behind schedule in our new weekly patch release schedule, what with the above issues, so the next patch probably won’t be quite as bumper as recent ones have been.
    However it should contain the return of rusty cars, more and improved vehicle events on the roads and a QOL looting improvement that displays all containers in a 3×3 area around the player – which should also make corpse looting a lot less fiddly.
    EP has also, meanwhile, been experimenting with a function that provides  a radial menu for hot bar slots – that then lets you choose an item to equip in that slot.
    Regular readers will recall that last week we were debating whether to put Zac’s work on the improved character fidelity and optimization into cold storage – which would then allow us to throw him into the mix on work on the much-awaited (but still not at all imminent, we’re afraid) Build 41 MP.
    However, in the past week he’s slayed a whole bunch of rendering demons and the whole thing is looking a lot more positive. Here’s a video from his branch showing where he’s at right now. He’s really made some headway in the past week, and the seams and fuzz that were cropping up are increasingly in check.
    Another big ticket item that’s on our list for the full version 41 release, meanwhile, are Yuri’s improved fire visuals. Working with assets made for us by a lovely effects specialist called Dan, this is the current look we have for in-game fire.
    PLEASE remember this is still work in progress – and currently not tied to the actual PZ fire and firespread system.
    Yuri is currently optimizing the fire for low-end systems, and is also implementing his fire effects in script, which will allow the community to easily upgrade and create their own visual effects.
    That’s about it for now, but many thanks for all the enthusiasm we’re still (still!) seeing for Build 41. The last month has seen the highest average player count we’ve ever had for PZ – beating the full vehicles release by quite some way, and the animations build isn’t even fully released yet!
    It’s great to see that people are digging it, and exciting to think what the MP scene and modding potential will be once it’s fully out in the open.
    This week’s image from MrSopal on Reddit. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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