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  1. im using a Dell Laptop -using windows pro 10 with 64 bit - RAM is 8GB -CPU is intel Core i5 7300HQ (4 CPUs) ~2.50 GHz -i think the GPU is integrated or i just havent found it in my PC specifics
  2. wait im retarded i dont have any security programs , though the problem didnt persist on the current live build. the FPS isnt perfect on there, if i go onto full screen and zoom out it definitely becomes stuttery, but thats why i play it on windowed
  3. I forgot to add that the performance issues are mainly with the IWBUMS build , thanks I'll try it when I'm home and let you know if it worked or not. (Also how do I add make the folder an exception?)
  4. i'll try to keep it short, have had this game for a while, got a new laptop which can run a fair amount of games with decent framerates, things like killing floor, destiny 2 ETC can atleast be handled on low graphics. but i've been having alot of stuttering and FPS issues with project zomboid, i lowered the resolution and tried a few different things but so far nothing has worked and the game is unplayable when i zoom out (i barely get any frames, it just freezes) it became worse like this once i tried out the new zoom build but it was too buggy so i changed it back and its been like this since
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