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  1. IRL, I certainly would when my water supply is cut, just need to open the tap...
  2. Further research has been done, and I came to the conclusion that in my current run water was cut on day one, that's why I couldn't wash bandages on faucets or sinks. So, I've been drinking the water left without knowing. Maybe a notification that the water stopped running is in order? Also, if bandages can be washed from a container, why not from the sink? Can this be count as a bug, or is it a feature?
  3. I certainly have cleaned dirty bandages directly from faucets and sinks in 41.21, but can't do it in 41.22. About the towels, even with the "Wet" moodlet active, sometimes I can use them, sometimes not. I can't reproduce the issue, so maybe I'm wrong. Further research is needed.
  4. Hello everyone, I just noticed that can't wash bandages (ripped clothes or otherwhise) directly from faucets anymore (the option isn't available). I need to carry the water around in a container in order to do so. Edit: Towels doesn't seems to work neither.
  5. makute

    Super Survivors!

    Good day everyone. I just came back to PZ after several years and may say that the game has grown inmensely, and that Super Survivors adds a whole new dimension to it and makes it really, really fun. That said, the companion management could use some improvement. I agree in that taking direct control over them is unrealistic, but even if the "orders" option is fitting maybe during the first days of play it becomes a nuissance quickly. After a few weeks, specially when the group has stablished a permanent colony and the player has several survivors under its wing, a more straightforward method is necesary. So I suggest a planning board not unlike the Job Board in the Dead State game: Maybe you can craft it with a board and some paint, or find one in a school or store. You can install it in a wall and use it to set different jobs to your companions. There is no need to chase them, nagging them about what jobs must be done. In a growing, civilized group everyone should happily do their part!
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