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  1. Studied mechanics and physics. In theory should be possible, but for a limited amount of time, to boil the water without melting the plastic. I am not saying anything about the chemicals that plastic releases when heated (@Rass that was gold) . Depends on the water itself, if its pure or not, depends of the type of plastic etc. So in theory yes. In reality.. haven't checked yet i like my blue bucket
  2. That would be ironic. Survived Zombie appocalypse for a few years, cleared the map. POOF. You died in your sleep, you had cancer all along..
  3. Stancho Pansa

    Like, sew cool

    I don't know why, but I imagine it like this : Sewing small pocket to jeans and pulling out a loaded shotgun and 10 boxes of nails later. Good luck to the new Junior Programmers. And congratulations to the couple! Stay together and watch out for the Helicopter.
  4. You still should be able to boil the water in the bucket. It wont melt because the water is cooling it.
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