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  1. No. I did not do anything. Apparently this was done by the developers and accidentally added to the assembly. It should be in all cars soon.
  2. No, no, no problems, everything works correctly. Animation, sound, everything works fine. I was just surprised when I saw this. It was unusual. My post is not about an error, but about the fact that I noticed this detail!
  3. Guys, what the hell?) Stunned. Inside your car there is a salon, doors and windows open. I have no words, this is super cool. Will it be soon for all cars?
  4. Very well! Everything works pretty well for me. There is one drawback. When you are in a standing position and beat, only the body and arms move, and the legs are as if made of concrete. It looks unnatural. Hope you fix it. Successful work!
  5. Hi guys! Really looking forward to your updates. I would like you to make a car interior (because it is it is visible when the car leaves the field of view) And it would be cool if the blood from the zombies remained on the car. And also, for example, that a car overgrown with moss? By the way, when will the multiplayer?)))
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