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  1. Loot Respawn is turned of by Default even in SP
  2. Thats basicly the reason why i always play sandbox - i dont get the 72 hours respawn thing - i mostly set it to 720 hours and instead of 0.1 respawn rate i do 0.02 -0.04. I feel like if you really do work on clearing more and more of a specific area, it should be rewarded - migration F*cks it up anyways - you can never keep a whole town clear - zeds out of the woods will come. and even if you cleared lets say westpoint basicly to almost no danger - there are still 3 other big citys that have spawned tons of zeds in the meantime
  3. in the last run it was about 10 days for the beard to go from shaved to scruffy... hair didnt grow from bald at all
  4. I Actually got quite annoyed by the hair growth in my first season (Rip to running car engine) so i shaved my beart 100% and thought its also a good idea to shave the hair 100% to maybe have 1 week more until hes a scruffy beard + Pony Tail guy... Turned out there is no difference in time from completely shaved to scruffy or full beard to scruffy - guess its the same with the haircuts.. Funnily in my New playthrough after 14 days in now - the crew cut is still in place - beard went only to long - dunno seems like the growth is slower in westpoint xD - maybe because of hair loss due to the amount of zeds compared to muldraugh (yeah i feel like westpoint is the hardest town to start )
  5. I dont know if i missunderstood one Fix but, shouldnt it now be possible to deattach knifes from spears or repair spears with knife? Still doesnt work
  6. Does anybody Know if "Heroic Weapons", "Chip a Stone", "Upgraded Hiking bags" and "Zombie Loot Extended v 3.0" work with build 41? i dont dare to try because i dont want to crash my save. Still hope you Fix hair not growing after shaving them once. To explain: Hair and Beard tend to grow - hair went from short to Ponytail, beard from goatee to scruffy I shaved both... beard still grows to scruffy within a week or so.. hair still doesnt grow after 3 months played since shaving, which is kinda sad^^ Also noticed in my last 2 play days that the game goes really choppy on the freeway between muldraugh and westpoint even tough there arent that much zeds. Also crashed 2 times (fortunately i did spawn in my car - but time was forwarded almost 1 whole day) Possible reasons for that might be: a) It was a car jam - i dismantled almost all car wrecks (reason i think this might be that is - it started to be choppy after i dismantled all car wrecks and drove back there a second time to start killing zombies) b) Zombies getting Stuck at cars? - I positioned all the drivable vehicles of the car jam like a Barrier on one end of the highway to block incoming zed hordes in case an alarm goes off while looting - i saw at least 4 Zombies which completely got stuck in walking animation when i drive by them and they dont react like they do at tall fences (they dont walk arround the Selfmade-Car-fence to get to you - might be because they are just programmed to walk arround one and there are 8 cars building the barrier) Edit: Wait .. its possible to Fish with the spears? then they are even more OP xD
  7. I Notices a (Possible) Bug. After Shaving my Hair - they dont grow since Mai ingame - not even to stubble. But my Beard grows to scruffy within a week
  8. This would include we would need to be able to plant tobacco (kinda), i always play with the smoker trait and had a bad run where from 300 zeds none dropped ciggys, was lucky at a garbage can - and yeah.. storage facilities provide you with that stuff. Another Suggestion from me, after thinking about all the temperature stuff: There should be a way to add blankets and pillows to beds/couches/comfy chairs to increase the comfort and warmth... thats would be a change that is also new but not only a drawback change like the last ones have been
  9. Yeah can only Agree - the temperature stuff as it is now is just way too harsh - in Both ways. I like that there is some impact of temperature and Sweating and all that - but..really needs heavy Balance-Changes. It sincerely keeps me from wanting to play the game in my spare time. I hope it doenst go live like that. Also I noticed some Balance Issues that might need to be adjusted. Project Zomboid kinda is "Project Short Blunt" as it is now - i see with the youtubers, i see it for myself - its just not worth to play 2 Handed as 1 Handed does exactly the same + you can carry an extra bag. Speccially in terms of axes: i feel like there is no difference at all in terms of damage with the Axe and the Hand Axe, and also not that much difference when it comes to range that it would make a big difference. The Only 2 Handed Weapon thats worth using atm is the spear imo. Speccially with Long Blunt weapons there should be adjustments in terms of the Damage output. As it is i play mostly short blunt and through disassembling (metalwork) i have an endless supply of weapons
  10. According to the Temperature Stuff - Its really extreme at the moment and should be tuned down. Its June 30th here, i basicly Run arround Naked (Swim Trunks, no Shirt, an Apron to not get my stuff too bloody, socks and shoes. As soon as i enter my Car the Temperature Tab shows that I'm overheating instantly. It literally only takes me 1 second in the car and every body part shows red. What i noticed - using Demin shorts, cargo shorts whatever... makes me overheat outside allready .. at 30° Celsius. Wearing a Tshirt, makes me overheat. Formal shirt (which is what i do IRL when its too hot for a Tshirt) - makes me overheat... i mean.. where not in the Savanna or something... its 30° Celsius not 50...
  11. Yeah i never Understood why Doing Metalwork, Carpentry, Disasembling, Cooking, and so on bores the Character. I guess if the level of the Skill is low it might be frustrating or something. But there is at least more entertainment about it than doing nothing - but the game doesnt account for that - Funnily: Removing Grass gets rid of the Boredom - that sounds like way more boring/annoying to me than Cooking or scrapping stuff ^^
  12. To me it sounds like the Body Temperature Stuff makes the game way too complicated in the wrong areas of the game. The simple system we had was allready pretty good IMO - simple Rules - Dress Warm in Winter, get a heating source for your bedroom to not catch a cold - dont stay out for too long in the rain. Now its like, dont have any holes in your gear, wear multiple layers of clothes, get gloves, finde a scarf and a wooly hat, check the insulation on every piece of gear. And the opposit for summer, better dont wear anything when fighting zombies, protection gear might get you killed because overheating. As much as i like that there are a lot of changes - i really dont like the direction this goes. the penaltys are set way too harsh. It would be really nice if you add the option to disable the new core temperatur stuff to stay with the old system - this change converts the Game into a Simulatior - i dont like to play simulators. I Like a lot of the changes - but not being able to disable this theroms stuff would keep me from enjoying the game in the long term
  13. Regarding to Tailoring Skill - Are there Actually Skillbooks now for it? - havent found one yet
  14. Thanks man - it works now - i swear it worked without a roof and walls back in the days xD
  15. Before this build that never was the case - i had selfmade Sinks in the garden all the time - but i'll try that now too - thanks for the input
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