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  1. Hi Great work on 41 so far, much more fun now than in early 41. Posted a few things on Bug Forum (Melee aiming, Corspe removal time) So I thought maybe i post some feedback, or what i would wish for: It would be really cool to somehow have an colored indicator when melee aiming on the targets you would hit, to compensate for weird angles that sometimes happen (For example i have a hard time hitting North to South, as the Distance is often weird) - An indicator alike the container thing would really help there. Fixing the Problem with Sinks and Washing m
  2. - Black Duffelbags are basicly Invisible on UI - Corpse Removal Time seems to be incorrect, tested it in a few Plays... even with Corpse Removaltime 1 hour corpses dont get removed - it somehow seems to have something to do with the Watches, Corpses that still have watches on them and all corpses near them seem to not get removed at all. Since i started to remove all the watches from corpses it got better but still way off the settings. - Aiming seems to be somewhat off sometimes, cant really explain it properly but in more cases than before the range of the weapon should hit the Zom
  3. Basicly youre not wrong, but going with that i do not understand the One-Way this goes. Sure its realistic to not have the same fitness level - but also it would be realistic to lose the severety of Panic states caused by seing Zombies after a 6 Months playthrough for example. The way the realism of that kind is added is just in negative ways for now (except the generall level of protection getting be using clothes) It would be possible to get rid of traits like short sightet by wearing glasses, should be possible to get rid of feeble after a certain amount of zombies killed and so o
  4. might be linked to the Hemophobic trait - it got changed so you get nervous by being bloody. the trait therefor shouldnt be used unless you disabled blood
  5. In general it has way to much impact compared to the trait points you get for it. should be at least 10 points in the state it is now
  6. I still miss the fix about retrieving the Knife from a broken spear - it still doesnt work, tough last update said that its possible now. The game is still fun, but the more i read about the recent changes the more i feel like the weight of the Updates goes into making the game more and more punishing. Burglar seems now really strong early in the game tough - to me its the first update that makes things easier. In terms of the weight related traits - I'm not sure if youre aware of that - but after getting rid of the one-shot stab with the knife in build 41 - underw
  7. Also feel like it would be cool to get further information about how it should be, at the least to test if it works the way intended Edit: A real bummer if the last trait that can go away gets crashed now
  8. in the last run it was about 10 days for the beard to go from shaved to scruffy... hair didnt grow from bald at all
  9. I Actually got quite annoyed by the hair growth in my first season (Rip to running car engine) so i shaved my beart 100% and thought its also a good idea to shave the hair 100% to maybe have 1 week more until hes a scruffy beard + Pony Tail guy... Turned out there is no difference in time from completely shaved to scruffy or full beard to scruffy - guess its the same with the haircuts.. Funnily in my New playthrough after 14 days in now - the crew cut is still in place - beard went only to long - dunno seems like the growth is slower in westpoint xD - maybe because of hair loss due to th
  10. I dont know if i missunderstood one Fix but, shouldnt it now be possible to deattach knifes from spears or repair spears with knife? Still doesnt work
  11. Does anybody Know if "Heroic Weapons", "Chip a Stone", "Upgraded Hiking bags" and "Zombie Loot Extended v 3.0" work with build 41? i dont dare to try because i dont want to crash my save. Still hope you Fix hair not growing after shaving them once. To explain: Hair and Beard tend to grow - hair went from short to Ponytail, beard from goatee to scruffy I shaved both... beard still grows to scruffy within a week or so.. hair still doesnt grow after 3 months played since shaving, which is kinda sad^^ Also noticed in my last 2 play days
  12. I Notices a (Possible) Bug. After Shaving my Hair - they dont grow since Mai ingame - not even to stubble. But my Beard grows to scruffy within a week
  13. This would include we would need to be able to plant tobacco (kinda), i always play with the smoker trait and had a bad run where from 300 zeds none dropped ciggys, was lucky at a garbage can - and yeah.. storage facilities provide you with that stuff. Another Suggestion from me, after thinking about all the temperature stuff: There should be a way to add blankets and pillows to beds/couches/comfy chairs to increase the comfort and warmth... thats would be a change that is also new but not only a drawback change like the last ones have been 😀
  14. Yeah can only Agree - the temperature stuff as it is now is just way too harsh - in Both ways. I like that there is some impact of temperature and Sweating and all that - but..really needs heavy Balance-Changes. It sincerely keeps me from wanting to play the game in my spare time. I hope it doenst go live like that. Also I noticed some Balance Issues that might need to be adjusted. Project Zomboid kinda is "Project Short Blunt" as it is now - i see with the youtubers, i see it for myself - its just not worth to play 2 Handed as 1 Handed does exactly the same + you can car
  15. According to the Temperature Stuff - Its really extreme at the moment and should be tuned down. Its June 30th here, i basicly Run arround Naked (Swim Trunks, no Shirt, an Apron to not get my stuff too bloody, socks and shoes. As soon as i enter my Car the Temperature Tab shows that I'm overheating instantly. It literally only takes me 1 second in the car and every body part shows red. What i noticed - using Demin shorts, cargo shorts whatever... makes me overheat outside allready .. at 30° Celsius. Wearing a Tshirt, makes me overheat. Formal shirt (which is what i do IRL
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