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  1. - 2 pages of "NEW - DUCK AND COVER" in the guide. - In character creation, clicking the arrows to rotate a character's wrong. If you click the arrow pointing right, it'll turn the character left, same goes for the other button. - Sometimes when you try to do something with an item in a container, it takes the item and just stops the action. For example, I want to butcher a dead mouse from a container, I right click the mouse and choose "butcher small animal", the character takes the mouse and stops. He just took the mouse, he didn't butcher it. Same goes for dismantling radios and slicing watermelons, these are the examples I encountered. - I felt like my beard in-game grew WAY too fast. I searched in google how long does it take for a beard to grow and it said "about 2 to 6 months", my beard in-game grew in 11 days from goatee to long beard. You should change the beard growing time to make the game more realistic. - When I drink a pop, the animation's a little wrong, he keeps repeating opening the can and when he's drinking the can jumps from his hand to his mouth and then back to the hand. It's hard to explain, see the animation for yourself. - Can't choose to read a book that's in a backpack that's on the floor. I need to grab the book and then click "read". - There was an error when I tried to build 2 spiked baseball bats in 1 click. It made one and then there was a "1" in a red box at the bottom right corner of the screen, it didn't make the second spiked baseball bat. - So, I'm keeping a zombie to bang on a locked garage door so I'll be able to loot whatever's inside and every time I go away and come back, the zombie changes. Different clothes and gender sometimes.
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