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  1. (First, sorry for any mispells or incorrect words) I was playing PZ today and had some ideias for a better improval, so i will go by topics: 1 - Search Bar Sometimes when you have a ton of itens you get lost (at least i get) soo a Search by name would be really useful 2 - Create Category When your looting or moving something, sometimes the itens can get scrambled through your inventory, and you could like drop your wrong gun by mistake. So a "Create Category" option would be nice, here's an example: Category: Equipments A New inventory section (divided like the Equiped Itens) would be created, and you could drag your items from your principal inventory to there (it wouldn't weight less or anything, it would just be more organized and divided)
  2. I Found a little bug on the last build, if you start to smoke a cigarrete and cancel the action (like pressing Esc) the action will be canceled without doing the animation, but it will still consume the cigarrete and will reduce your stressed mood, no big deal, i just tought i should report it here
  3. The video shows the bug that's been happening to me since the running zombie update, when I'm facing them and they run to me, they just cross me and bite me in the back. Sandbox Settings: Zombie Speed: Random Zombie Resistance: Random Zombie Strength: Random It was the only thing I changed in the zombie settings.
  4. I was ambushed in a room and the window was closed. After I died, I thought, "It would be so good to be able to run against the window and jump, breaking the glass so I could escape." It would hurt you for sure, leaving shards of glass scattered all over your body (maybe just your arms since the window-jumping animation I imagine would be jumping with your arms in front of you) but it would be a lot better than dying for the zombies in the bedroom.
  5. yeah the points need to be set right to not be too op and also not be horrible
  6. Here's some new traits that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest, please leave a comment below. POSITIVES Scavenger Look more closely at places and have a chance to find more items. +10% chance of getting several items at once(Like finding more food on a fridge) -6 Trait Points NEGATIVES Can't stand blood gets sick of seeing blood on the floor and on his clothes. Unhappiness increases as you spend more time surrounded by blood. +8 Trait Points Hates reading Get bored reading books (Any kind) Reading books, newspapers or magazines no longer regains happiness +6 Trait Points Alcoholic Stress and unhappiness decrease after drinking alcoohol Unhappiness rises when alcoohol is not consumed +6 Trait Points Can't drive Doens't know how to drive cars +8 Trait Points
  7. Here's some new skills that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest please leave a comment below. AGILITY Steering Your Steering skill gives you more control over the car, allowing you to brake faster and make turns smoother This can be leveled by driving the car on max speed. Note that if the player is Speed Demon he will gain xp on the normal max speed, and if he's Sunday driver he will earn half the xp. Grabber Your grabbing skill gives you more speed while grabbing items. This can be leveled by getting more than 3 items in sequence. PASSIVE Reflex Your reflex skill gives you more chance to avoid getting bitten by a zombie when opening a door or walking by a corner, when you see the zombie by surprise he will get slow by 0.10 seconds while going for you. Note that when more you level up your skill, more time the zombie will get slow (Going from 0.10 seconds to 1 second or something like that) This can be leveled by attacking the zombie on reflex before he attacks you.
  8. Here's some new occupations that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest please leave a comment below. College student Has a chance to double the earned xp -2 Trait Points Traceur Jumps over fences and windows more faster Less likely to trip and fall -8 Trait Points Accumulator The house you start will have more random loots. -4 Trait Points Gardener Water and plant faster +2 Farming +1 Blade Accuracy -4 Trait Points Handyman +1 Carpentry +1 Electrical +1 Mechanics -6 Trait Points Car burglar Can hotwire cars +1 Lightfooted +1 Sneaking -10 Trait Points Couturier Waste less durability of clothes, can repair and clean then faster -4 Trait Points Healer Knows how to use medicinal herbs +1 First Aid +2 Trait Points Outdoor survivor Has more durabilitty on homemade items +1 Fishing +1 Trapping +1 Foraging +1 Farming +1 Carpentry -12 Trait Points Butcher Can cut meats faster +1 Cooking +2 Blade Acurracy +2 Blade Maintenance -6 Trait Points Athlete Have more running resistance +3 Fitness +3 Sprinting -10 Trait Points Bodybuilder Strong, but heavy and slow.Weighs 90 pounds Can push further +5 Strength -1 Fitness -8 Trait Points
  9. I don't know what to write here in the beginning so if you have any other ideas or objections please leave your opinion below. a Garbage bag could be put on a trash can, and when it gets full you can simply remove the bag with the items in. Plastic bag could do the same. TV Remote could be used to turn on/off TVs on distance(Requires the remote to have battery on it). You should be able to use a Bath Towel as a curtain. Scissors should be used to rip clothes faster. Rope should be used just like the sheets rope. When the curtain is removed from the window, it should give you a curtain not a sheet. Another way you could turn logs into planks could be a Hammer + 1 Chipped Stone, it will consume the chipped stone and a little of the hammer durability, it will also give you 2 planks instead of 3. You should be able to break the door handles with a crowbar (This would make the door just open and not close again until a new one is made, and when broken it would not drop a door handle). It would also make a loud noise.
  10. Hey Okamikurainya sorry for the similar post, didn't saw it when i searched, do you want me to remove the post or the similar part? Yeah i agree, there are lots of foods that could be in the game, like, even a simple barbecue you can't do, or a bread and butter.
  11. Hey TheLostBigBoss, i just think that needing forks and plates would be more realistic you know? bring more realism to the game. People eating the same foods on a survival need is true, and i know that the boring food is in the game, if you eat like cold things you gain unhappiness(I Agree with the underdeveloped part) But i mean, if this boring system i said was in the game, it would increase the use of culinary skills, cause now(for me at least) I just eat raw potato in the game when i have a farm, why would i make other thing? The raw fresh potato gives you Hunger: -18, and Thirst. -7, it just doesn't worth cooking it(Again, on my opinion) I don't know if the right word i want to use is sick, it's more like a bad feeling you know? stomach-ache, yea you could clean it with one rag or scraping the food out, but would you eat a food made in this pan? i mean, would you eat it happy? that's why you would use a sponge to clean it 100% But it's ok if you disagree with me, anyway, thanks for post
  12. The current food system is fine, but i think that it could be so more enjoyed with a few different things like: 1-Plates should be a new thing in the game, they would be used instead of Bowls, the plates would add an option to "Place (Food) on plate" and then you would have to use a fork or a spoon.(The bowls would still be used but for different things like a salad or a soup) 2-Using Forks and Spoons should also be a thing, when you eat for example a canned Chilli it should have options like: Eat with Hands or Eat With Spoon, if you choose "Eat With Hands" and they are dirty, by doing this it could cause a sickness to you, and even if they aren't dirty, eating with hands should leave then this way and recover less hunger. But if you choose "Eat With Spoon" it would be safier(unless the spoon is dirty, then it could cause sickness to you) 3-Another thing is dirty on the kitchen utensils, when you cook something on the Frying Pan or in the Roasting Pan, why they don't get dirty? cause they should, and if you eat something on a dirty plate or cook something on a dirty pan, it could cause some sickness to you and be less enjoyable(Eating on a dirty plate could give like -10 happiness or something), but you could have course clean these things with water, a sponge and detergent(a new item that could be added) 4-If the use of Forks and Spoons were added, a new item that would be cool is a Spork (It's a hybrid form of Fork and Spoon) The item would have a longer durability, occupy less slots and get dirty less often. 5-The fishing system should also be changed, where are the fish thorns to get stuck in your tongue and then you have to remove it with a Tweezer? you should be able to remove the thorns from the fish before cooking it using tweezers and some culinary skill, and if you don't, they would have a chance to hurt you while you eat. 6-Some new kitchen utensils would be cool to, things like a wooden cutter board would be nice to be find on a balcony of the kitchen. The way that you cut things right now is like "Let'me cut this tomate in tthe middle of the air perfectely", on my opinion it would be cool if to cut these things like meats and vegetables you have to use the cutting board(You could also craft it with the carpentry skill) Another thing that would be cool is a blender, and by adding Milk/Water + any fruit it would make a Vitamin or a Juice, that would cure more hunger and thirst 7-And what about different spices? The current ones are just a few, it would be nice to have more things to season your foods, things that you could grow on the garden like: Different types of peppers, green onion, mint, parsley, garlic and basil. Or ready-made spices like saffron, oregano, curry, lemom pepper and paprika. 8-Getting sick of always eating the same food should also be a thing, like, the more you eat raw potato, less it will cure your hunger, and after a time, it won't cure more, unless you do different things with it like Roasted Potatos, and eating then would "reset" this sick of eating the same thing. 9-Some other foods: Energy bar(Different flavours like chocolate, banana, apple, and they are also non perishable like the canned food) Cat food(I mean, if there's dog food to eat, then it should have cat food too) 10-Food garbage When you eat a banana for example, it should leave a banana peel on your inventory, or maybe when you eat some chips it would left a empty chips bag on your inventory, i just fell that it would be more realistic, even if useless(Except for the banana peel that could be used on the composter)
  13. With the new combat mechanics, the stealth will be more used now, so that's why I think it would be nice to have more throwable items like: Glass Bottle -It would have the same animation as throwing a Molotov Cocktail, but instead it would make a sound of broking glass to attract nearby zombies, then you could just avoid then more easily.(Other items that could make the same could be Mugs, Bowls and Light Bulbs) Stone -We should be able to throw a stone into a window or a metal wall to make a big noise to attract nearby zombies so then you could pass then silently and avoid the combat.(Items like Empty Tin Can and Empty Pop Can should do the same thing)
  14. There are some house's in the game that this is happening, the furniture blocking the way of the window through the house.
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