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  1. Oh, that is a good ideia actually. Blunt Weapons making unaware zombies colapse to the ground
  2. Tentou reinstalar? ou pelo menos verificar a integridade dos arquivos (Clique direito sobre o jogo no menu da Steam > Propriedades > Arquivos Locais > Verificar Integridade dos arquivos...
  3. No meu notebook ocorre um erro semelhante e nunca descobri o por que, mas a "solução" que eu consegui foi abrir a pasta local do jogo ( Program Files 86x > Steam > Steamapps > Common > ProjectZomboid ) e abrir diretamente pelo ProjectZomboid 32 (O Aplicativo, não o Arquivo em Lotes) Mesmo meu notebook sendo 64 bits, apenas o de 32 funciona
  4. Just like when the Zeds get behind you and drag to the ground, they should also have a rear vulnerability (other then the insta stab with the knifes) When behind a Zed and unnoticed, if you press and push him with your bare hands (Pressing SPACE or CLICKING ) he should insta fell directely to the ground Suggested by Arkhnen: Attacking a unaware zombie with a blunt weapon should also make him fell to the ground
  5. Yeah It's exactaly what MadDan2013 said: An option to only being able to open doors by using "E" The paranoia also gets me everytime
  6. An option in the accessibility menu where you could disable "Opening Doors" by clicking on then I know that there is a mechanic when you fighting zombies next to a door, even if you click on her, it won't open But even so, I still fear a little that some bug could occour, like a double click after you killed the zombie, and BUM, the door opens
  7. (First, sorry for any mispells or incorrect words) I was playing PZ today and had some ideias for a better improval, so i will go by topics: 1 - Search Bar Sometimes when you have a ton of itens you get lost (at least i get) soo a Search by name would be really useful 2 - Create Category When your looting or moving something, sometimes the itens can get scrambled through your inventory, and you could like drop your wrong gun by mistake. So a "Create Category" option would be nice, here's an example: Category: Equipments A Ne
  8. I Found a little bug on the last build, if you start to smoke a cigarrete and cancel the action (like pressing Esc) the action will be canceled without doing the animation, but it will still consume the cigarrete and will reduce your stressed mood, no big deal, i just tought i should report it here
  9. The video shows the bug that's been happening to me since the running zombie update, when I'm facing them and they run to me, they just cross me and bite me in the back. Sandbox Settings: Zombie Speed: Random Zombie Resistance: Random Zombie Strength: Random It was the only thing I changed in the zombie settings.
  10. I was ambushed in a room and the window was closed. After I died, I thought, "It would be so good to be able to run against the window and jump, breaking the glass so I could escape." It would hurt you for sure, leaving shards of glass scattered all over your body (maybe just your arms since the window-jumping animation I imagine would be jumping with your arms in front of you) but it would be a lot better than dying for the zombies in the bedroom.
  11. yeah the points need to be set right to not be too op and also not be horrible
  12. Here's some new traits that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest, please leave a comment below. POSITIVES Scavenger Look more closely at places and have a chance to find more items. +10% chance of getting several items at once(Like finding more food on a fridge) -6 Trait Points NEGATIVES Can't stand blood gets sick of seeing blood on the floor and on his clothes. Unhappiness increases as you spend more time surrounded by blood. +8 Trait Points Hates reading Get bored reading books (Any kind) R
  13. Here's some new skills that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest please leave a comment below. AGILITY Steering Your Steering skill gives you more control over the car, allowing you to brake faster and make turns smoother This can be leveled by driving the car on max speed. Note that if the player is Speed Demon he will gain xp on the normal max speed, and if he's Sunday driver he will earn half the xp. Grabber Your grabbing skill gives you more speed while grabbing items. This can be leveled by getting more than 3 i
  14. Here's some new occupations that I think it could be in the game, if you have anything to suggest please leave a comment below. College student Has a chance to double the earned xp -2 Trait Points Traceur Jumps over fences and windows more faster Less likely to trip and fall -8 Trait Points Accumulator The house you start will have more random loots. -4 Trait Points Gardener Water and plant faster +2 Farming +1 Blade Accuracy -4 Trait Points Handyman +1 Carpentry +1 Electrical +1 Mechanics -6 Trait Point
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