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    In the future when It's all done with these "small" 3D Item, is there any plans to add the same stuff for Trees? something like what happens in The Forest (Video to show what I 'mmeaning)
  2. WARNING: To demonstrate my idea, there is a "Gore / Visual" zombie image from The Walking Dead show. (I'm also sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm a little bit rusty in English) Half Eaten Zed = Sometimes I find random corpses with used cloths and I can imagine they must be other survivors who were killed by zombies (which caused their cloth to wear out). But what if, instead of just a dead body, there were some new and unique half-eaten zeds? They can be something like a very slow Crawler, maybe with 20-25% of his Movement Speed. Types can be unlimited, no legs, no arms. They w
  3. Sadly thats a Big No's which s listed in the "Commonly Suggest Suggestions" list (But who knows, maybe far in the future when the NPCS are fully implemented that could change) But hey, I've already played exactly like that in a PZ server build 40, no zombies, just working and chatting, pure RP just like GTA V. and SAMP You will probally find lots of then when the MP comes out
  4. A small idea for "Immersion" would be to add Keyrings without names spawning in zombie corpses after you kill then, and the key that would spawn just inside the zombie container would be inside the KeyRing It would be nice for those who wants to organize their keys and have more than one KeyRing (Like having one for Working Cars, the other one for random houses, the other for Enemies Keys in MP and etc;) being able to rename the Keyring would be nice too.
  5. Something similar to a poncho like Daryl used would be nice too. (Even so it would not protect 100% from Rain, it would still give some protection and also look really nice)
  6. Oh, that is a good ideia actually. Blunt Weapons making unaware zombies colapse to the ground
  7. Tentou reinstalar? ou pelo menos verificar a integridade dos arquivos (Clique direito sobre o jogo no menu da Steam > Propriedades > Arquivos Locais > Verificar Integridade dos arquivos...
  8. No meu notebook ocorre um erro semelhante e nunca descobri o por que, mas a "solução" que eu consegui foi abrir a pasta local do jogo ( Program Files 86x > Steam > Steamapps > Common > ProjectZomboid ) e abrir diretamente pelo ProjectZomboid 32 (O Aplicativo, não o Arquivo em Lotes) Mesmo meu notebook sendo 64 bits, apenas o de 32 funciona
  9. Just like when the Zeds get behind you and drag to the ground, they should also have a rear vulnerability (other then the insta stab with the knifes) When behind a Zed and unnoticed, if you press and push him with your bare hands (Pressing SPACE or CLICKING ) he should insta fell directely to the ground Suggested by Arkhnen: Attacking a unaware zombie with a blunt weapon should also make him fell to the ground
  10. Yeah It's exactaly what MadDan2013 said: An option to only being able to open doors by using "E" The paranoia also gets me everytime
  11. An option in the accessibility menu where you could disable "Opening Doors" by clicking on then I know that there is a mechanic when you fighting zombies next to a door, even if you click on her, it won't open But even so, I still fear a little that some bug could occour, like a double click after you killed the zombie, and BUM, the door opens
  12. (First, sorry for any mispells or incorrect words) I was playing PZ today and had some ideias for a better improval, so i will go by topics: 1 - Search Bar Sometimes when you have a ton of itens you get lost (at least i get) soo a Search by name would be really useful 2 - Create Category When your looting or moving something, sometimes the itens can get scrambled through your inventory, and you could like drop your wrong gun by mistake. So a "Create Category" option would be nice, here's an example: Category: Equipments A Ne
  13. I Found a little bug on the last build, if you start to smoke a cigarrete and cancel the action (like pressing Esc) the action will be canceled without doing the animation, but it will still consume the cigarrete and will reduce your stressed mood, no big deal, i just tought i should report it here
  14. The video shows the bug that's been happening to me since the running zombie update, when I'm facing them and they run to me, they just cross me and bite me in the back. Sandbox Settings: Zombie Speed: Random Zombie Resistance: Random Zombie Strength: Random It was the only thing I changed in the zombie settings.
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