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  1. Honestly I Really hope they fix the helmet issue. Got a bite on the top of my head it's kinda stupid for a helmet to fall off when you are grabbed/bitten. I can understand tripping but a grab. Like seriously whats the point of heavy duty armor for it all to fail to a little bite that's fatal 99.9%. Imo it defeats the purpose of protection, Clothing is for looks so i might as well run around naked af. Ironically i found a mod to help out with that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1962761540
  2. Yo am i the only one wishing we could grow our own tobacco in pz, cure that stuff, chop it up and roll up a nice Ciggy? I've heard they're finite supply of Cigs in-game, We already seeds/crops in game. This definitely would be awesome for the smokers in the imo. Who else thinks they same way? Personally I'd love to see this in the game.
  3. The game crashes at the beginning of the sleep cycle. relaunch the game, you ge t to sleep through the sleep cycle/get rid of all the debuffs crashes after that. repeat the process and you finally get to play the game. love kingsmouth though
  4. Same here was driving a car in rosewood near some fences. Hopefully they fix this soon
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