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  1. Honestly I Really hope they fix the helmet issue. Got a bite on the top of my head it's kinda stupid for a helmet to fall off when you are grabbed/bitten. I can understand tripping but a grab. Like seriously whats the point of heavy duty armor for it all to fail to a little bite that's fatal 99.9%. Imo it defeats the purpose of protection, Clothing is for looks so i might as well run around naked af. Ironically i found a mod to help out with that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1962761540
  2. The game crashes at the beginning of the sleep cycle. relaunch the game, you ge t to sleep through the sleep cycle/get rid of all the debuffs crashes after that. repeat the process and you finally get to play the game. love kingsmouth though
  3. Same here was driving a car in rosewood near some fences. Hopefully they fix this soon
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