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  1. I encountered a few problems/ bugs: - Every light bulb I take from lamps or loot are 10% when I try to install them on vehicles. - A few of my vehicles vanished from the world, but if I quit the game and load the savedata, they appear again. - When I was putting shotgun shells on a box (2 boxes) a big "2" in a red rectangle appeared in my down right corner, then the animation stoped and my shells where of the box again (They were in my backpack I think).
  2. I don't know if they are on their plans, but I would love to have a dirt bike/ ATV for checking traps through the woods. Cars are a little big and is easy to scratch them trying to go through the forest.
  3. I think that the idea is to make more like a "default" (Not the correct word I think) mode in general, not just focused on the character builds. If you want to make the game more suited for your gameplay style, you can made your own with the sandbox mode, so I think that the new modes are just something "generic" or even "canon" modes.
  4. I played for a few hours and it seems like the FPS issue is solved. Thank you and kudos.
  5. I think you need a holster to attach a gun to your belt.
  6. I'm having the same problem (PC version, IWBUMS 41.17). Those are the last logs I have. 28-10-19_15-36-57_DebugLog.txt
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