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  1. Yes we should be able fire harden the tips of spears for more damage/durability. Spears created via metalworking will be a thing at some point no doubt.
  2. Is the power/electricity still on? I haven't got to it yet, but either way you may need a wrench in your main inventory and then right click the machine and choose "plumb" I'm basing this off the fact that you can "plumb" a kitchen sink to a water barrel that is located 1 floor above the sink (and off to the side by 1 tile, can't be directly above the sink). Then you "plumb" the sink with a wrench and presto, you have a working sink! Same may apply to washing machines but I haven't got to that just yet in my game edit: note for anyone who doesn't know, if the sink is pre-existing, you need to uninstall and reinstall it for this to work. It also needs to be in a fully enclosed building with walls/roof/door. Not sure yet about pre-existing washers that have never been moved
  3. Funny, I had an idea a while ago about expanding the existing CD/players to provide an alternative to reading. Your post inspired me to actually put it in the suggestion forum I like a lot of what you're saying about longer-lasting buffs/debuffs. I think Rimworld does a great job wit mood effects in terms of power and short vs long length. They also overlap. so a bunch of minor negative things can be overpowered by a few nice buffs (meals, skill up etc as it might pertain to PZ)
  4. The idea is expand on the reading/learning/multiplier system currently only provided by reading profession skill books. Note this is NOT the same idea as the current Life and Living TV station giving raw skill XP; this is for the multiplier towards skills, although raw XP points could be done as well with the right balancing. EXISTING CD's + CD Player (battery) + Ear Buds: Educational CD's for jobs (carpentry, cooking, etc) need to be found When equipped, your character "hears" the lesson the same way they currently do through the TV "Life and Learning" channel: Text of the "audio" appears above your head (may be 'annoying' over your head but that is part of the balance) Hearing/perception greatly reduced (similar to Hard of Hearing trait) because you have ear buds in and are trying to learn Balance considerations: Main benefit should be that you are MOBILE while learning Craft, manage base inventory while listening Extra combat debuff from the 'distraction' - a flat learning rate needs to be established for CD's, so an appropriate combat debuff may be needed for balance reasons Learning speed vs reading a book Battery consumption of CD Player CD's could possibly be an entire SERIES of books (Cooking CD = Beginners through Master) Spawn rate and location (profession house and place of work almost exclusively?) if an entire series is on a single CD? CD Players in cars for those long drives (no CD player + battery req)? Or just wear the ear buds while driving NEW VCR Cassettes that work with current TV's - Possibly needing a VCR Player as well (more work to implement but ideal) could go with DVD/DVD players instead of VCR... this takes place in the 90's right? Educational cassettes for jobs (carpentry, cooking, etc) need to be found Works with TV's even after stations go dark as long as generator is running Same learning/educational process as "Life and Learning" TV station: Area of effect learning buff depending on volume Balance considerations: Main benefit is that you can do other things in the area while receiving the multiplier for what is playing Learning speed vs reading a book Requires generator and gasoline Produces noise that could attract zombies - Future NPC/bandit considerations as well? Amount of content per cassettes - should not be as much as CD (Beginner + Intermediate = 1 Cassette to find?) In multiplayer, everyone in the area of effect receives the buff Should the TV/VCR only provide the buff to line of sight + audio? Seems the TV/VCR should require visual to be a big part of learning, not only "hearing it" I think this would add some variety to skill multiplier system while giving the player some risk/reward options while performing the more 'mundane' tasks. Thoughts? Cheers,
  5. I was searching the forum for this before making a bug report... I am also using the squared shovel and unable to take dirt, so I guess that's the problem. IMO If the shovel can dig a grave then it should also be able to "take dirt" but not sure if this is a bug or just an oversight.
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