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  1. Bummer, I kinda liked getting that air and seeing how I flipped each time
  2. Yes, there are other threads about this and the devs are asking players to submit as much info as possible about your experience with it so they can hopefully isolate the cause. I knew about it but only experienced it for the first time today.
  3. Yeh I get a kick out of seeing things like Post office zeds dropping skill magazines. My absolute favourite though is the Bank - zeds in suits&ties, balaclava, carrying duffel bags with cash inside.
  4. Yes I made a few posts about this across Steam and Indie forums over a week ago I think. Yesterday I decided to install a new mod "Inventory Sanity mod" by Arsenal26 on the Workshop - who has also posted in this thread - thank you mate for your mod! Whilst I would prefer a vanilla update for it, I'm happy to report the mod has made looting and item transfers fun again. One can only hope with something that simple, TIS will fix this very soon in a beta update.
  5. There's a beta 41 mod that's just been added to the Steam Workshop - it is specifically for this issue and I am testing it out now.
  6. I've been focused on Riverwood in my B41 plays so far, in the pharmacy there I found there was a storage room out behind the back counters that had a locked security door before accessing shelves full of meds. All the shop shelves just had chips, soda and ciggies etc.
  7. Well, my experience has been you need ALOT of soap. If you are talking about all your washable clothes removed, my games consumes a whole bar of soap just to wash the blood off my skin. Washing your clothes with soap requires alot more than that. Again, this has been my personal experience playing in Apocalypse mode.
  8. Took me a while to accept that this is a persistent mechanic in the new build for me. Previously the only time my character moved while turning off an alarm was to reach the clock if it was placed on the floor. Not sure if this is a bug or an intended new feature?
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