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  1. Yes, there are other threads about this and the devs are asking players to submit as much info as possible about your experience with it so they can hopefully isolate the cause. I knew about it but only experienced it for the first time today.
  2. Yeh I get a kick out of seeing things like Post office zeds dropping skill magazines. My absolute favourite though is the Bank - zeds in suits&ties, balaclava, carrying duffel bags with cash inside.
  3. Yes I made a few posts about this across Steam and Indie forums over a week ago I think. Yesterday I decided to install a new mod "Inventory Sanity mod" by Arsenal26 on the Workshop - who has also posted in this thread - thank you mate for your mod! Whilst I would prefer a vanilla update for it, I'm happy to report the mod has made looting and item transfers fun again. One can only hope with something that simple, TIS will fix this very soon in a beta update.
  4. There's a beta 41 mod that's just been added to the Steam Workshop - it is specifically for this issue and I am testing it out now.
  5. I'm not an expert in the game scripts, I always prefer to learn from just playing, the fruits of knowledge from trial and many errors! Regarding spoilage rates from different containers - I haven't tested it more than just to ascertain that the difference between refrigerated and non-refrigerated is huge .. and that Frozen vs refrigerated is significantly better again. So for me, a freezer and a generator is enough to keep it simple so I can focus on other stuff.
  6. Yes. So in your solo game, after a couple weeks all the perishable foods will be rotten everywhere. Some items will spoil faster than others. Some people seem to make a habit of spending those first days getting a car, a generator a few freezers then scream around and loot as much fresh stuff as possible before it goes bad. Problem is, any more than 2 or 3 fridges/freezers and the fuel usage is so high (even at Electronics L10) that you can't go away from home on adventures for more than a couple days without having to come back to refuel the geny. So it all ends up the same in the end : - make a custom game and change the generator fuel usage as desired OR - settle in one area to farm, fill a couple freezers with your crops OR -just travel from town to town, staying as long as there's canned food and junk (fatty) food so you can maintain the weight you want. (i.e. no farming at all) I tried to keep it brief but, like many systems in PZ, they're deep enough that they can support alot of different playstyles! Hope it helps. *edit - should have also said, you can edit the sandbox games to change the food spoil speed etc. To be honest, spending some time looking at the sandbox pages will likely answer alot of those questions you might have. I know it did for way back when and it still does when I forget stuff
  7. I've been focused on Riverwood in my B41 plays so far, in the pharmacy there I found there was a storage room out behind the back counters that had a locked security door before accessing shelves full of meds. All the shop shelves just had chips, soda and ciggies etc.
  8. Well, my experience has been you need ALOT of soap. If you are talking about all your washable clothes removed, my games consumes a whole bar of soap just to wash the blood off my skin. Washing your clothes with soap requires alot more than that. Again, this has been my personal experience playing in Apocalypse mode.
  9. It's mostly about remembering map locations for potential looting of the items you need. The remainder is recognising a building/interiors or a container-type for what it might offer you. So for your example, hammers and saws can be reliably found in Hardware stores and warehouses. You might also find them in other store types or in backyard sheds etc, where the container is designated as including those. You tend to remember those occasions and you get better at sourcing stuff you need with time spent playing and exploring. Houses are good for general supplies and depending on the house you might find some containers that are not common which can be a bonus. There are also "survivor houses" randomly chosen on your map save. These might have obvious building modifications like boarded windows/doors, or you might find a common theme of special loot in them like engineer/carpenter etc. If you ever loot an "annotated map" make sure you read it to see marked locations for houses like these too.
  10. Took me a while to accept that this is a persistent mechanic in the new build for me. Previously the only time my character moved while turning off an alarm was to reach the clock if it was placed on the floor. Not sure if this is a bug or an intended new feature?
  11. Thanks for replying. tbo, I actually didn't backup my saves before this beta so I was just attempting it now. Perhaps I imagined I wouldn't be going back to my stable saves this time, since you'll admit - the animation update is a significant change. Us players are a patient lot for the most part but when you give us an update like this, beta or not, you can't blame us for not wanting to go back! I'm sensing it's a difficult question right now and you have your reasons so, nevermind. But please remember that being able to restore from backups is often far more useful when testing the game as a player because we can retain the character status effects and progress. For some of us that is better than using cheat mod which is a crude tool and also unforgiving when you accidentally click "max all stats" and similar scripts - you can't undo those.
  12. I'd be interested to see an answer to this also, was just backing up my IWBUMS progress.
  13. My favourite so far has been seeing a zed wearing the Spiffo suit and shambling around downtown Riverwood. The best part though, is you get to loot the 3-piece outfit and walk around in it. The animations have been really well done, imo.
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