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  1. One one of the maps I am playing there is a school with a discoloured brick on the wall. It is possible to climb the fence by this and glitch into the baseball court. In the school are a couple of decorations in the classrooms that also look a little off colour.
  2. Fixed it ! You got me thinking when you said about the anti-virus, it was not that - but the key is permissions. If I browsed to S:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid and right clicked on the .exe and ran as Administrator - it worked - perfectly. Thank you for your support.
  3. No problem, here you go... console.txt
  4. Thank you both for the quick response - caught me just as I was done for the night ! To confirm, I am set to English ( United Kingdom ) and I do have the sqlite-jbdc- in the Project Zomboid folder. I had uninstalled, reinstalled and then selected the iwanttobackupmysave beta to see if it was legacy files that were not overwritten. This all came down fresh on the 21st of this month. Thanks again both for the initial support - won't see this until tomorrow evening now - but screen shots below to confirm your questions.
  5. Good Evening ! Quick bug report - when I try to run a game it hangs at the Loading point and with the marked last entry in the console. Please ignore the the lines below - that was simply when I resized the screen for the screen shot. Game just will not start no matter what I do. If you need me to test anything please shout. Thank you.
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