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  1. I've searched the forum for this but had no success... The "issue" happens only while the weather is foggy: the reticle shown in the screenshot (i took it while driving a car, but outside of it is no diferent) shows up at low zoom levels. I'm on MacOS.
  2. Brawler logs here. Sry for double post logsBRAWLER.zip consoleBRAWLER.txt
  3. Here's the logs. console.txt logs.zip This time I managed to arrive a little further (3 mins in game) , but as soon as i started a fight with a zombie the game closed. In the meanwhile I'll try some other video settings to see if this can be taken care of locally on my machine EDIT: I tried a non-fullscreen run in survivor (former Brawler) mode. All of the previous playthroughs were in Apocalypse mode. I documented the first and only zombie encounter with the first screenshot. After a successful hit the game froze, only to recover 9-10 secs after showing only half of my character (I have to admit a ghost survivor is pretty cool though . This is shown in the second screenshot. I am also attaching the logs of this second playtrough in a separate post due to size limits.
  4. UPDATE 24/10/2019: build 41.16 fixed the issue. Thanks Devs, now the game is totally playable on macOS Hi there! I'm trying to play Build 41 on a MacBook pro early 2015, OSX 10.13, 16GB RAM, i5 3.1GHz CPU. I disabled all the mods I installed for build 40, and started a new game. Things are fine at the spawn point, but as some zombies show up on the screen the game starts to freeze for about 10 seconds. This happens 2 to 3 times until the game finally crashes to the desktop. I tried 3 times and it always happened with zombies on screen, the starting house is fine. Any clue?
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