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  1. Is it okay to disable mods mid-playthough? maybe I could start a new game in debug mode or something? It was Improved Build Menu, unfortunately... I really liked that mod too. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. It fails for me with any object, and I think I have a couple mods on. They are Improved Build Menu, and simple food spawn.
  3. I'll provide a video of this as soon as possible, but I have an issue where when I attempt to use the destroy option with a sledgehammer, my character will approach the object I wish to destroy, but then just play a bunch of walking animation sounds next to it. I have both sneaking and not sneaking while I attempt it, but it's still an issue for me.
  4. I still have this problem too even after turning off spawning in my sandbox settings as well.
  5. That's a good counter-balance if they're an ally, however I still think that's gonna get all of the good stat survivors killed off quick because they're so brave that they're just getting themselves killed before you can even meet them.
  6. I swear I thought I saw another thread about this here, but I couldn't find it... I'm currently using the isolated house in Muldraugh as my safe-house, and I just finished barricading up the windows, but I can't barricade my door at all because it is my only way in and out. Unfortunately that makes it a weak-point. I think we should be able to make Door Bars with either Carpentry or Metalworking so we can fortify our doors but still use them. Building it should require more skill and material than just nailing some planks to the frame of a door ( Say, at least level 2 Carpentry/Metalworking?
  7. This is a feature that already exists in last stand mode, so I don't imagine it'd take much work to copy it over to normal games as well.
  8. I really like this idea, however you don't want max courage survivors just acting plain suicidal.
  9. I think that would be great, but it should lower the durability of the window/door you use the crowbar on, maybe even break them if you don't use it well. (Perhaps based on the carpentry skill for knowledge on where to pry?)
  10. I think balance concerning water is irrelevant, because you already can get it easily from the tap for a long time, and then there's rain water. This would just be a realistic and reasonable way to stockpile said water.
  11. Thank you so much for adding in the option for Iso cursor transparency, it makes the world of difference for me.
  12. I've noticed this everytime that it rains and I'm outside, I don't get wet at all. I have gone though several games with days of rain while being outside with no worry. I've also seen this happen in this YouTube video from 16:10-26:32.
  13. This might be already on the dev's to-do list, but I thought it would be good to put it here in-case it isn't yet. It'd be really great to actually have our characters to visibly use the furniture they sleep and rest with. What brought this idea on for me is that I noticed that I could sit on the floor and read my book at the same time, effectively resting and reading at the same time. I know that just sitting on the ground isn't as effective as resting with furniture, so it'd be great if we had sit/lay down options with them instead so we aren't just awkwardly standing next to our beds and ch
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