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  1. I was building a fence in the little room on the roof of the warehouse at the north end of Muldraugh so I couldn't fall onto the stairs. My character fell through the floor, and then through the floor bellow. He was three stories high when he started with two solid floors between him and where he died. He died on impact inside the first floor bathroom, there is no way he should have been able to get in there without walking down two flights of stairs and opening the door.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this but here are some things I have noticed. I believe the aiming widget needs a little more contrast as it disappears completely against certain backgrounds, I just don't fight zombies in melee on white concrete or sand anymore because I'm guessing where I'm aiming and I miss far more than I do on other surfaces. It's not so bad with firearms as the coloured outline is still visible even though the widget is not. I managed to permanently jam a JS-2000 shotgun, it jammed with no rounds in it. I can rack it as much as I like but it wont clear,
  3. Lots of fun so far, one issue I have come across is the aiming thing with melee weapons blends into some backgrounds causing you to miss wildly. I've died to it twice so far by missing a swing against a single zombie while on white concrete ground. When it's visible it's a brilliant addition, and I love the way it works.
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