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  1. Nah, been eating when needing to. Nice diet of eggs, cabbages, and canned meats too.
  2. Was wondering why my lamps kept losing batteries, turns out they just disappear when you load into the game. Quit to menu multiple times to test it out and each time the lamp no longer had a battery in it. Happens whether the lamp is on or off.
  3. Nope, no mods just the current IWBUMS.
  4. Weight is at 86, still have the overweight perk too.
  5. I've never had this happen before in previous versions so I'm guessing this is a bug that popped up in this version. It does make sense for you to lose strength skill if you aren't doing anything to increase it, but I was doing my daily workout and saw my strength decrease from level 10 to level 9.
  6. You can interact with a trailer's mechanics menu from any distance. If you're too far, it will close the menu automatically. Character doesn't walk up to the trailer as they do with cars when interacting from a distance.
  7. The car was there when I went to loot and was gone when I came back. Don't know how map loading works but I went a couple blocks away from where it was, so maybe I exited the area it was loaded in?
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