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  1. Playing B41.5 today without any mods on default Apocalypse settings and seeing a problem with what appears to be some zombies being able to hear/see combat from a VERY long distance. I can walk around (without crouching) such that a few groups don't notice me. Killing a single zombie with a baseball bat or pipe wrench (only weapons I've found so far) cause a few random zombies to come in from different directions. These are not coming from the local groups, they're coming from off-screen (outside of right-click drag sight distance). I would guess it's more of a sight issue, as it will be like 1 or 2 from a couple different directions. As I kill those another 1 or 2 will come from similar directions. So it's more like they're turning and able to see the combat from a very long range. If it was hearing I'd expect the entire group to come at once. A little more info found in playing some more. They detect "something" at the location of the combat. They are not detecting me directly. They go to the source of the combat and are not changing to follow me until they get closer. If I'm far enough away, they will stand around the combat site. After killing about 40 zombies right around the one location, they stopped coming. There are still a couple groups of them standing around nearby (at least within drag sight distance) that are not reacting to the combat, even those that are facing the area.
  2. RE: The Respawn bug. This is also happening to me. In addition to that, it happens when you quit out normally. If this is the first time with that character in that world, then when you re-load the game, it will spawn you as a new character (same starting location, equipment, and skills) and anything you were carrying will be lost. WORKAROUND: When you spawn in, immediately quit back to the menu and continue again. This should prevent the issue from happening and you losing a bunch of stuff like I did. Zev
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