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  1. I put lipstick on my character and noticed that the texture has a transparent edge to it, I put the tab over the bed and floor to try and get a contrast so you can see it easier.
  2. ah okay thanks man, I'll take a look and be better prepared for the future lmao
  3. turns out it also resets your characters "survived for" clock so I can see how far it set my character back. I went from 38 days to 4 days and 6 hours. Is there a character file somewhere in which I can change the timer data back to what it was for the character? I was extremely proud of the time survived lol
  4. hey I'm on the latest IWBUMS build, and as i said in my post it usually happens about once every 20 character deaths/crashes.
  5. In zomboid without mods occasionally when my character dies and I press continue to start a new character in the previous world the game resumes from a previous character state where character 1 hasn't died or been injured yet, another thing that happens with this is the inventory of the character gets reverted to the original state which has led to me losing car keys, rare weapons, etc. Only the character reverts back to the position, health and all the other attributes while the things I did in the game world before my character died stay the same so for example if my character died fr
  6. Why would you need two drivers? It's a good idea because it allows you to attach a car which has run out of fuel/has engine problems and wont start up to another car in order to tow it back to your base to fix it, or you could use it to clear other vehicles off the road with damaging you car. I'd personally like to see this added to the game.
  7. Maybe they could also add a use for starEplex and have moveable projectors + movie reels which can be either used as a happiness bonus or to distract the zombies with the bright light + movement being projected onto the wall.
  8. You could use a VCR to record any of the shows you see on the tv like the Life and Living channel or any of the news channels onto a tape to watch at a later date on a tv, you could also find various tapes scattered around the world detailing different skills such as a digital biology lesson found in a school to learn some first aid skill, recordings to help with the maintenance of vehicles, recordings of survival shows that show you what berries are poisonous. You could also find tapes of "Home videos" which bring a boost of happiness and reduce the stress of the viewer, the playe
  9. So I couldn't update the drivers to a newer version so what I actually ended up doing because PZ is my favourite game and I pretty much can't live without it is reset my computer to factory default settings and now it works perfectly šŸ˜‚ Thankyou for taking the time to look over the files and everything to help me
  10. Okay thankyou, I think these are the specifications you need if not this is the laptop I'm currently using https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GE63-Raider-RGB-8RE/Specification CPU - 8th Gen. IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7 Processor OS - Windows 10 Home CHIPSET - IntelĀ® HM370 GRAPHICS - GeForceĀ® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 MEMORY TYPE - DDR4-2400 DDR4-2666 MAX CAPACITY - Max 32GB And here is the zip file for the logs, If you need anything else/or I posted the wrong files please let me know Logs.zip
  11. When I load up project zomboid i can access the main menu and the options and everything fine but as soon as I attempt to load a game or start a new game it goes black, plays the loading music and then the game shuts down, I have no mods enabled at all and have tried deleting every zomboid file from my computer and reinstalling fresh but that doesn't seem to work which leads me to believe its a problem with the actual game not a corrupted download
  12. t-shirts and glasses can't be washed by hand either, it works fine in a washing machine (assuming the waters not cut out yet)
  13. So I was playing a game and had gotten to a point where I could either be eaten by the horde coming up behind me or jump off he office tower to my death so naturally I chose to jump, my character tripped while going over the fence and landed on the air and stayed hovering until she started to stand up where she rapidly fell to the floor and... died? The health panel says shes dead and she has the dead moodlet, I couldn't move but I'm still able to change her clothes, hairstyle and anything from the menus. The game over screen never came up either I just had a magic corpse.
  14. In game if you exit the game with your female characters hair untied and the join the game again you can untie the hair from her head rendering her bald
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