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  1. With the IWBUMS 41 the game crashes randomly to me, i discovered that was by the 3d Zombies, so i tried to deactivate 3d zombies but the option disappeared. I've playing IWBUMS without zombies and the game goes smoth, adding more than 4 zombies and crash the game. I really like the new gameplay but i prefer the 3d model only in the player, so i was thinking if there are a way to put only 3d model for the player.
  2. try this: go to pz directory, find ProjectZomboid64.bat or ProjectZomboid32.bat , right click, edit and add -nosteam then open the game by ProjectZomboid64.bat
  3. Thanks for the answer, i download latest drivers from intel for hd 4000 (v15.33), and this does not resolve the problem, still the game crashes in the loading screen. As i see in the log, there are some missing textures or else, maybe thats the reason for crashing? also there are no mods instaled because i unsuscrived them in the workshop.
  4. yesterday i could play for a few minutes the build 41, a bit laggy but still okay with low specs, today i going to play but game crashes loading the game, i tried to reinstal, delete saves and nothing seems to work to me specs Win 10 64 bits i3 3120m Intel hd 4000 8Gb ram, 470 reserved for hw Thanks for any help Paste bin log
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