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  1. Previously, in Project Zomboid, poor lighting quality was rectangular and did not load weak PCs much, but now it’s better, but because of this, FPS drops and the game sometimes freezes for a few seconds! Is it possible to return the old version of very low light (square)? Or add another “minimum lighting quality"?
  2. I was able to restore the server, but the machines that I used disappeared.
  3. Just how do I get my server back saved?
  4. I had to delete the entire Zomboid folder, after that everything worked.
  5. Deleted. The same thing happens.
  6. Saving my server will not be deleted?
  7. I decided to play 41 build, after I wanted to return to 40 build, but when the game starts, it turns out:
  8. When I put things on the ground, they become bigger, how to fix it? Here is a video of this error. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQQFpxnZUNc
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