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  1. 41.55 was launched on the same computer under Windows 7, but after reinstalling on Windows 10, 41 build stopped starting. 40 build starts without problems. OpenGL version 3.1
  2. the previous version ran on the same computer, but the new version complains about the lack of OpenGL support. Intel hd 2120 hs_err_pid5596.log console (1).txt
  3. При входе в эту будку затеняется изображение At the entrance to this booth, the image is shaded
  4. Если в ранении конечности есть "Laceration", то при перевязке во вкладке "здоровье" не отображается бинт If there is "Laceration" in the wound of the limb, then when bandaging in the "health" tab, the bandage is not displayed
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