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  1. Interesting. Maybe it was some sort of bug? I had only added in two parts of salmon when it wouldn't let me add anything more, that's why I wanted to empty it and start over.
  2. The hang generally lasts about 1.5 seconds, but sometimes might be just a hair longer than that. I'm as positive as I can be that it's directly related to the time changes, because if I speed up time, the hangs will also speed up in line with the time changes. To be clear, it happens directly before the time changes, not some random time before or after, but always directly before it. This issue happens regardless of where I am. My base is the farm house on the very bottom right of the map, so there is no issue with zombies as I've only ever encountered two in the 24 days I've been there.
  3. To recreate this, you'll need a watch or some other way to determine in-game time. What happens is that the game will hang momentarily every time the clock is transitioning into the next 10 minute window. As an example, imagine I'm just walking around at 12:30 and suddenly the game hangs for a moment; as soon as I'm able to resume control, the clock will now read 12:40. I'm guessing there is some internal operation happening every 10 in-game minutes that is causing this hang. This isn't something I've noticed on previous iterations of build 41 but in fairness, I've been away from the game
  4. I actually had no idea this was a thing, but I was making a dish with salmon and vegetables, when I put too much salmon into it and was unable to put anything else in despite having valid items on my person. So through the crafting menu, I emptied the pan only to discover that it actually destroys the items within rather than salvages them. I'm not sure why it operates this way currently, maybe it's just an oversight or possibly an older mechanic that was intended to be addressed in the future. If not, I find it bizarre that valuable food would somehow just disappear because we put too much
  5. EnigmaGrey answered this question in the Bug forum. They said:
  6. I've been watching his playthroughs of build 41 and happened to catch the scene in question last night so I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here. There's been a few other clips I've seen but I feel this one demonstrates the elusive issue much better than any of the other ones.
  7. It's actually something they're going to add back in during IWBUMS. There's a number of features still yet to be implemented and you can check out the dev blog here to see what is still going to be added. They just wanted to get the beta out sooner rather than later so some features haven't been properly added in just yet, but will be during this IWBUMS phase.
  8. I had a similar issue when looking through a window to see one zombie at the foot of a staircase and nothing else. Jumped in and engaged the zombie and midway through killing him, 3 zombies seemingly just appeared out of nowhere coming at me from behind the zombie I was engaged with. They all were well within my line of sight and nothing was obstructing my view so I'm at a loss of what exactly happened. Like Arthix, I can't seem to find steps to recreate it since maybe this is one of those randomized scenes you can come across or it's entirely possible there were some tweaks to the detectio
  9. Lacerations are a new, more extreme version of scratches, and (if I'm remembering correctly) carry a higher chance of infection and subsequently zombification if that laceration was from a zombie.
  10. I've been having this issue as well, but I've started using "E" to close the door when it is hidden and it's been working just fine.
  11. Just curious, were your clothes listed as "bloody"? I believe there is a chance to get infected if you come into contact with zombie blood when you have a scratch or laceration.
  12. Thanks! Just curious, is that fix planned as part of this IWBUMS or is that something planned for later down the road?
  13. When I interact with containers in the world, such as removing or adding items, my character will turn in a seemingly random direction and do their animation. However, this oftentimes causes the game to lose focus on the container I'm looting (or adding items to) and focus on a different one. This becomes especially noticeable when looting from or storing items into kitchen cabinets. I can click on one cabinet and access their inventory but if I loot or store an item, my character will turn in a random direction when their animation starts and after that's done, the focus will often be on a
  14. I don't know if it'll work on controller, but there's an option in the key binding section that allows you to double tap the "Jog" button to sprint, instead of having to map it to an entirely different button.
  15. Put a few hours into the new IWBUMS and wanted to give some feedback on what I've experienced so far. I chose the custom sandbox mode and used the "Two Weeks Later" preset since it seems that mode isn't on the main screen anymore. First is the issue with closing doors. Having put a good amount of time in the previous build, this new build seems to make closing doors harder to accomplish. Generally, if I was very close to the door, I could right-click it to close it or hit E. Now however, it seems much harder to do so. I don't know if it's actually changed but I suspect the new
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