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  1. Dandir

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    Good work, thanks! ...But still no info about MP
  2. Indeed! Keep waiting for mp/server in pz
  3. Do not press W and hold E for climbing. Works perfectly if character not tired.
  4. Dunno about other clothes. But camo hunting vest makes skirt a little bit glitchy.
  5. Great work! Thanks! Is there any chance to see Servers option before RDR2 PC realease? Cuz PZ is only game i've played since pre-order. But my wife wants to mp
  6. IWBUMS 41.14 Found another naked zombie before he turns into crawler. Favorite bottle of water can be filled infinitly even if its full. All cars seems still broken for me (all seats). First time today started in winter time (01/09) and there is no snow on the ground. (dunno, maybe that how system works and there is no bug)
  7. Hello, and thanks for update 41. That was alot of new things to explore. And more challenge to survive. But, first of all - there is some bugs i've encountered in one session of sandbox. Previous cars disappears if i choose another vehicle to drive. Seems like game save only last one and delete others After climbing trough window there is a one sec of simply standing, when you cannot use any weapon or actions (maybe feature?) When i use simply hammer in a fight - weapon just goes trough head of zombie, without stagger or damage. Always at first strike only. (maybe feature again?) Jumping trough fence is too fast. And can happen twice. Character moves further to one tile. Sandbox options seems a little bit broken. Loot settings doesn't work for me. There is always low food/weapon/stuff. Once I've met a naked woman lying on the road. When I've tried to search her - she starts crawling and clothing re-appeared. So much burning buildings. Much more then in previous builds. (maybe feature again?) Sorry for poor English.
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